Get Comfortable

The ParknPool vinyl strap chaise lounge is its No. 1 best-seller. It has been engineered, manufactured and time-tested to provide exceptional service. A poolside chaise lounge from ParknPool will stay strong and beautiful for years to come no matter how much it’s used. After more than 20 years of providing these chaise lounges to hotels, resorts, homeowner communities and public pools, ParknPool is confident that your choice of any of its poolside furniture will exceed all your outdoor pool furniture needs.

ParkNPool: 877-777-3700

Go Retro

AmericanPie™ Mini Golf, a throwback to fun courses from the 1950s and ‘60s, was recently launched by Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS). A unique, retro nine-hole course, AmericanPie™ has lots of tricks, is fun and super colorful, with geometric edges and portable obstacles. The course represents a new generation of portable or permanent mini-golf courses serving customer needs for easy setup, flexible layout and quick disassembly for moving and storing. It eliminates the traditional golf hole cup and uses a Capet Cup to capture the ball.

Adventure Golf & Sports: 888-725-4386

Wind Resistance

Wind Weighted® Baseball Tarps are the famous edge-chain-weighted rain cover now used by all levels of baseball, including MLB, and recreation departments nationwide. Wind cannot get under, so it stays down even in high winds. Introduced in 2004, it has made the job of tarp installation much easier. Covered by six U.S. patents and available in a choice of 17 vinyl colors and with optional Chroma-Bond® Multi-Color Imprinting.

Aer-Flo Inc.: 800-823-7356


MAPEI introduces MAPEI Flexcolor Design, a revolutionary new way to color-match grout that allows users to design a color—any color. The professional-grade, ready-to-use grout can be color-matched with a wide variety of colors from a large number of paint manufacturers and industry-standard fan decks. Features of MAPEI Flexcolor Grout include outstanding stain and chemical resistance, so that no sealing is required, as well as crack, mold and shrinkage resistance with no efflorescence.

MAPEI: 800-426-2734

Permanent Lines

Permanent lines for natural grass sports fields. Is this happening to you? Go back home, no games today! The line machine broke. It’s been raining for three days. We cannot paint. Or the grass has been cut before the game day. Did you know you can install Lineturf yourself? Did you know Lineturf will last more than eight years? Imagine how many phone calls you can save. Lineturf is what your fields need permanently. Approved by FIFA.

Lineturf: 888-317-6223

Ease Back In

As pools begin to reopen, why not invite your community back into the water with the new Amalfi Serendipity In-Pool Chaise Lounge from Furniture Leisure? This stylish, commercial-grade chaise lounge is sure to impress with its elegant and comfortable shape that is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy. The polyethylene resin frame is infused with UV inhibitors to ensure the best protection against direct sunlight and harsh pool chemicals, providing for years of enjoyment.

Furniture Leisure: 800-213-2401

Shelter From Any Storm

From a single small enclosure to entire complexes, Easi-Set all-precast concrete buildings are engineered to handle abuse while fitting your very specific needs. Large or small, they install quickly and are built to last through decades of hard use with very little maintenance. Match your facility and surroundings with an expansive choice of beautiful standard or custom designs, finishes and outfitting. Durable, secure and competitively priced to keep you on budget.

Easi-Set Buildings: 866-252-8210