Keep Wet Floors Dry

Dri-Dek’s anti-skid, self-draining surface keeps wet floors dry. It’s perfect in showers, locker rooms, pool areas and saunas. Just snap the flexible 12-by-12-inch interlocking tiles together to form a custom surface of any length, width or shape. Also available in 3-by-4-foot interlocking Sheets and 3-by-12-foot interlocking Rolls. Comes in 12 designer colors.

Dri-Dek: 800-348-2398

Elevate Your Locker Room

Royal Basket Trucks® offers a variety of products that are designed for locker rooms. Hampers and X-Frame Carts are ideal for collecting laundry loops and dirty towels. The Hamper bags are constructed of breathable mesh or tear-resistant vinyl that is easy to clean. Color-coordinate your desired look with one of 13 vinyl colors or seven mesh colors. Custom branding and labeling available.

Royal Basket Trucks: 800-426-6447

Safety First

Ecore’s newest Ecore Athletic Surface, HydroGrip Motivate, features a slip-resistant safety floor surface layer that is fusion-bonded to a 5-mm vulcanized composition rubber base layer using Ecore’s patented itsTRU™ technology. Available in six colors, HydroGrip Motivate is ideal for wet areas, locker rooms and bathrooms. This easy-to-maintain surface is also hygienic due to its heat-welded installation. The innovative backing provides a force reduction of 11.9% and energy restitution of 66.6% for optimal performance and safety.

Ecore: 866-795-2732

The Right Fit

Introducing the SUITMATE® Select program from Extractor Corp. SUITMATE Select allows you to customize the case of your SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor. Whether you want your SUITMATE unit to blend in or stand out, we’ve got you covered. Promote your brand, your colors, your design—it’s your SUITMATE. All the benefits of the original SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor, personalized for your facility.

Extractor Corp.: 800-553-3353

Lock It Up

Codelocks’ new KL1100 features a slimline front plate and “push shut” closing, giving any environment a contemporary feel. Perfect for applications with a large quantity of lockers that would benefit from contactless smart card access and remote card authorization options like gyms, spas, schools and universities. With this modern and secure lock, hassle-free becomes simple. Now available with Clean by Codelocks, a new antimicrobial finish that features a photocatalytic coating for protection against viruses, bacteria, germs and other environmental toxins.

Codelocks Inc.: 714-979-2900

Reduce Accidents

Locker rooms and showers are slippery areas for many facilities. Transitions between locker rooms and aquatic amenities are often overlooked and create problems for facility management due to surfacing differences from one area to the next. Life Floor can reduce slip and fall accidents in these areas with slip-resistant and cushioned tiles. Life Floor tiles are the first and only product certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 50:26 for use in aquatic applications.

Life Floor: 612-567-2813

Lock Options

SAG Locking Systems Inc. offers a wide variety of locker locks. The locks have the option of working with a membership card, RFID card or PIN code. Particularly the contactless RFID locks provide a safe and hygienic lock operation by minimizing the necessity of touching the lock or pushing any buttons. This helps to avoid possible infections during these challenging COVID-19 times. With its upcoming BLE-enabled lock series, SAG offers even more options of contactless lock operations.

Sag-Schlagbaum: 415-420-7483

Keep Clean

Texon is a leading distributor of 2XL Gym Wipes. With large quantities of stock in both gym wipes and cleaning towels, trust your disinfection needs to Texon. Since 1976, Texon has been a trusted partner to sports organizations, teams and municipalities.

Texon Towel & Supply: 800-328-3966