Get Silly

The WOmojis Collection offers a complete, well-rounded family of products that creates a splash pad experience for all ages and abilities. Inspired to provide a fun, light-hearted splash pad that is full of smiles. Every product is coated in Aqua Armor™ to withstand both chlorine and UV. Available in 16 different colors, eight themed expressions and optional pre-designed splash pad layouts. Made in the USA.

Water Odyssey: 512-392-1155

Be Unique

Bigger, bolder and brighter, Empex has provided unique splash pad products to aquatic facilities. With more than 30 years of experience and products in 87 countries, Empex has maintained a reputation for high-quality products with a unique visual appearance, different from all others. Fabricated from non-ferrous materials, Empex offers a lifetime warranty against corrosion, ease of installation, low electrical conductivity and low heat absorption on hot sunny days.

Empex Watertoys: 905-649-5047

Save Resources, Save Space

Discover AquaSmart™ Packages by saving energy, water and space. These packages by Aquatix® are powered by HydroLogix™, which eliminates the need for costly electrical installation and operates with just a push of a button. This low-flow, low-water option greatly reduces water consumption while still providing plenty of opportunities for splashtastic play. Choose from three ready-to-install splash pad packages.

Aquatix by Landscape Structures: 877-632-0503

Aquatic Escape

Turn a water play area into a bright, tropical escape with the Aqua Caribbean Aquatic Playset. Create a spraying, splashing paradise for children of all ages and abilities with climbing nets, rock walls, waterslides, ground sprays, acrylic and stainless-steel interactive water features and much more. AquaWorx’s entire product lineup of interior and exterior feature options is available for your unique design. Let AquaWorx bring your vision to life with free 3-D color renderings.

AquaWorx: 888-426-8511

Safe Under Foot

As you plan for your next summer season, consider Life Floor for any safety surfacing needs. Life Floor’s cushioned and slip-resistant tiles reduce slip-and-fall incidents while also offering custom design options. Unlike other products designed for dry play, Life Floor tiles have been engineered to withstand water, UV and harsh chemicals. Third-party tested for industry-leading safety and durability, Life Floor is the only solution certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 50:26.

Life Floor: 612-567-2813

Like New

Ramuc’s Slide Coat coating is designed to restore old pool slides, providing a tough, durable finish that is both chemical- and abrasion-resistant. Slide Coat is a high-gloss coating that will promote slippage, restoring old slides. This fast-cure product is designed to optimize leveling and wetting properties, creating a smooth surface. Ideal for concrete and fiberglass slides. UV-resistant and VOC-compliant. Self-priming.

Ramuc Pool Paint: 800-745-6756

The Right Coating

Creative Polymers manufactures a wide spectrum of splash pad, flooring and decking systems for both waterpark and theming applications. A variety of colors, textures, glosses and slip-resistant coatings are available for surfaces that include concrete, steel, wood and fiberglass substrates, including rubberized versions. Both thin film and heavy-duty epoxy and urethane systems are available to meet the most stringent performance needs for both dry and total immersion. Elastomeric systems are available when freeze/thaw and substrate movement is a potential problem.

Creative Polymers: 314-791-0168

Hang Ten

The world’s newest deep-water stationary surf wave, EpicSurf®, makes real surfing possible for everyone, everywhere. Providing a customized surf experience tailored to each and every guest, EpicSurf’s deep-water wave can be quickly and easily tuned to match every rider’s skill level and choice of board. From beginners learning to surf to experts perfecting their tricks and turns, EpicSurf provides the ideal platform for creating the ultimate surf venue.

Aquatic Development Group: 800-458-9283