Desert Shade

This 30-by-34-foot Custom Orlando model features a standing seam roof, chord beams and custom quad columns with wire mesh surrounds and column wings. Classic Recreation Systems’ unique designs and high quality standards have been a hallmark for 30 years. During these times, Classic Recreation is keenly aware of its commitment to achieve safe havens in public places.
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Classic Recreation Systems: 800-697-2195

New Attraction

A new Poligon pavilion at Hadley Park in Nashville anchors the high-profile area of the park and was designed to celebrate the culture of the surrounding community with colorful, patterned ceiling panels inspired by traditional African textiles painted by others. This unique tapered gullwing design was chosen to create a feeling of openness and space, perfect for community gatherings.
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Poligon: 616-888-3500

Pup-Pleasing Dog Parks

Dog-On-It-Parks can help make your park pop with custom dog park solutions. Choose from a wide selection of customizable agility components and site furnishings, including fire hydrants, signage, benches and water fountains. Whether you want a cohesive look throughout your park system or are interested in offsetting costs by selling sponsorship opportunities, Dog-On-It-Parks makes it easy to outfit your “pawfect” park.
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Dog-On-It-Parks: 877-348-3647

Disinfect Your Water

HydroRite UV uses ultraviolet light, ozone and hydroxyl radicals to disinfect your pool or spa water. Inactivates 99.99% of waterborne pathogens. The CDC and the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) recommend UV or ozone for supplemental disinfection in every commercial pool. Available in two versions—a Supplemental Disinfection System and a Secondary Disinfection System, certified to achieve a minimum 3 log Cryptosporidium reduction.
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Lincoln Aquatics: 800-223-5450

Outdoor Receptacles

This popular vertical steel-trap-style receptacle from Pilot Rock features heavy-gauge steel and all-welded fabrication, designed to withstand the outdoor elements and public use. The lockable side-opening door makes it easy to remove and empty the liner. A variety of lids can be used to collect trash or recyclables. Mix or match receptacle and lid colors to fit your landscape.
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R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.: 800-762-5002

Your Waterfront Reimagined

Your community might be home to beautiful parks and ample open spaces, but what can you do with under-utilized land? These spaces offer a unique opportunity to create a water-based family entertainment center. From engaging amenities like inflatable Aqua Parks and splash pads to simple kayaks and beach loungers, Commercial Recreation Specialists helps create a destination community members of all ages can enjoy.
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Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Scale a Mountain

Kids ages 5 to 12 of all abilities will find multiple ways to climb this faceted mountaintop while encountering plenty of wild surprises along the way. A gradation of cool colors matches the ascent, culminating in a peak of icy Pebble. Bring the mountains to your play area with this condensed-footprint, giant play-value plasystructure that welcomes a whole crowd of climbers at once.
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Landscape Structures: 888-438-6574

The Right Surface

Sport Court’s PowerGame+ has unmatched safety and playability to make it the perfect court for championship competitions at any parks and recreation facility. Sport Court’s PowerGame+ is engineered to optimize shock absorption, reduce risk of impact injury and provide the best combination of abrasion protection and dry traction. Not only is PowerGame+ safe, but it is also 100% customizable.
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Sport Court: 800-421-8112