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March 2013

ACSM Summit Offers Approach to Childhood Obesity

The childhood obesity epidemic has struck many nations around the world, and health and fitness professionals, as well as other care providers, are seeking effective ways to help overweight children make a lifestyle change and reverse this trend.

At the American College of Sport Medicine's 17th Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition, an approach was presented that's already in place and getting results. According to Lindy Moore, M.S., CES, Exercise Is Medicine, the "Healthy 100 Kids" program at Florida Hospital for Children is a total lifestyle approach to childhood obesity treatment.

The program involves four parts:

  1. Exercise prescription
  2. Nutritional evaluation
  3. Psychological assessments
  4. Clinical evaluations

Combining the four parts allows a plan to be tailored to each individual's needs.

The program emphasizes sustainable methods for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, including eating right, staying active, exercising mind as well as body, understanding emotions, learning how the body works, the importance of rest and relaxation, and how to have good relationships with friends and family.

"This program offers a practical, effective approach to working with overweight or obese children and their families to improve the quality of their lives so that they may enjoy a high quality of living," said Moore, who serves as exercise physiologist of the program.

The "Healthy 100 Kids" program shifts focus from simply losing weight to living a healthy lifestyle. By teaming a pediatric obesity medicine physician, child clinical psychologist, dietician and exercise physiologist together, patients and their families are better enabled to make a sustainable change to improve their health and well-being.

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