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May 2016

National Leaders Team Up to Promote Physical Activity Plan

The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan Alliance (NPAPA) recently released an updated roadmap that details specific actions that encourage all Americans to partake in regular physical activity.

In presenting the 2016 National Physical Activity Plan. Russell Pate, Ph.D., chairman of the nonprofit NPAPA, said that "because of this public-private initiative, we are multiple steps closer to our initial vision: One day, all Americans will be physically active, and they will live work and play in environments that encourage and support regular physical activity."

"It's incredibly exciting to have played a role in creating a plan that unites actionable, grassroots-level strategies and tactics to evidence-based knowledge in order to help create a vibrant culture of physical activity among Americans across all socio-demographic groups," added Scott Goudeseune, ACE president and CEO and NPAPA board member.

In the coming months, ACE will be analyzing, prioritizing and developing action plans for NPAP strategies that are in alignment with its mission, with a particular focus on areas that ACE has recently been actively engaged in, including:

  • The promotion of shared use for professional-led physical activity and development of Community Empowerment Partnerships.
  • Efforts to engage with healthcare-related organizations and integrate ACE professionals into the healthcare continuum.
  • Partnerships with state and local health departments in order to improve outcome tracking, promote access to evidence-based physical activity-related services and reduce health disparities.
  • The promotion of a more physically active workplace through a multi-level strategic plan.

Building on the initial roadmap released in 2010, the 2016 plan expands its focus to include nine societal sectors—adding two new sectors—in recognition of updated information on areas that provide the best opportunity to create a national culture that supports physically active lifestyles. The addition of faith-based settings and sport rounds out a list that includes business and industry; community recreation, fitness and parks; education; health care; mass media; public health; and transportation, land use and community design.

"The 2016 plan introduced … by NPAP helps to focus and inform our efforts as an organization whose mission is to get people moving," said Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., chief science officer at ACE. "We know there is no silver bullet to the physical inactivity epidemic that is contributing to a number of chronic medical conditions and health problems in our country today, but we believe this plan will be a driving force in keeping the momentum moving forward as we all work together for a more physically active and healthier culture in America."

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