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January 2017

Texas Tech Focuses on Functional Fitness

By Dave Ramont

When it comes to fitness and working out, not everyone is training for the next marathon or playoff game. Some prefer to focus on functional fitness, which refers to exercises that improve daily activity. These activities might include running up and down stairs, pushing a lawn mower or shopping cart, gardening or shoveling snow, riding a bike, or keeping up with a toddler. Functional fitness challenges balance and coordination, while simultaneously improving strength and range of motion.

Peewee Roberson is the Rec Center director at Texas Tech University (TTU) in Lubbock. He describes functional fitness as training in a circuit with very little rest, similar to HIIT (high intensity interval training). He points out that cardio training doesn't hit the weightlifting aspect, and weight training focuses on strength, not cardio. "Functional training does both at the same time," he said.

And now, Texas Tech has introduced the Raider Escape Room, a functional training, personal training, and athletic and sports-conditioning facility. Decked out in the TTU Red Raiders official red, black and white, the 1,600-square-foot space features a 5-by-20-foot Speed Track for Escape Quad Sled and TIYR use. Escape Fitness provided other functional training equipment, including a 15-foot Octagon Hub Training System frame with three Hub Storage Walls, Plyosoft Boxes, Sandbags, Corebags, and Bulgarian Bags. There are Core Momentum Trainers, GRIPRs, Kettlebells, Slamballs, Medballs, Vertballs and a Speed Resister.

The University converted two unused racquetball courts into an indoor cycle zone, and two more into the Raider Escape Room. Partnering with Escape Fitness and Marathon Fitness, TTU set out to develop a unique workout area utilizing equipment that's different from traditional strength and cardio machines.

Christopher Eyre, West Coast account executive at Escape Fitness, believes that students want to have fun while getting fit, and said they wanted to create a colorful, dynamic space where students would want to spend time and work with the best trainers. "For Texas Tech to offer this area, solely designed for functional training, is exciting for everyone."

Athletes at TTU have their own workout space, according to Roberson, so therefore students, faculty and university staff have the opportunity to use the Raider Escape Room. The space works well for small-group training and for personal trainers, without disrupting cardio or weight room users.

Christa Davis, president of Marathon Fitness, said it was a wonderful experience to help Texas Tech bring their concept to reality. "They are innovators and are always looking at ways to enhance the student experience. We are anxious for them to put the training and systems into action. They will definitely put the FUN in functional!"

Roberson, the vision behind the recently opened facility, is very pleased with the new equipment, and mentions the Rope Pull, Slide, and Slamballs among his favorite items. He said the student body is learning more about the opportunities every day, and so far feedback from users has been excellent.

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