February 2016

Purdue University Simplifies & Boosts Security

It's a dilemma faced on campuses across America: recreational centers frequented by hundreds or even thousands of students daily, with lockers for storing books, clothing and other possessions. Staff time is often devoted to

Fitness Fosters Better Mental Health

Mental illness is no longer the taboo subject it once was in our society. Thanks to social media, people have a deeper awareness of the difficulties such patients face in their daily lives. Historically, businesses have ignored the ripple effects of failing to treat such maladies. In recent years, health insurers discovered and addressed this issue. Their forward thinking provides a financial and ethical opportunity for fitness facilities.

Restricting Diving May Have Little to Do With Preventing Injury, Study Says

Protecting patrons at the pool is important, but an overabundance of rules isn't necessarily the right approach, according to new research. When it comes to dives—and restricting what's allowed on the diving board—the rules don't necessarily have a big payoff, in terms of protecting people from injury, according to the Society for Risk Analysis.

National Parks Work to Protect Bats and Their Habitats

If you've ever been jolted awake in the night by a ruckus—only to find a frantic bat flying around the room—you may have felt a bit…creeped out. But bats play an important role in a healthy ecosystem: They eat insects, pollinate plants, serve as prey base and disperse seeds. And now bats face a new threat—white-nose syndrome (WNS). The National Park Service (NPS) has dedicated $3 million to address WNS-related issues. Learn more about what the NPS is doing, and how local parks can help.

USTA Helps Communities Boost Tennis Participation

Via facilities grants and other assistance, the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) has been helping communities provide more opportunities for learning and enjoying the sport of tennis since 2005. From concept plans and professional construction document review to grants for a wide range of construction and facility improvement projects, the association partners with communities to grow the sport.