March 2016

Nature Play Comes to Wildwood

Natural play combines children's love of parks with their need for outdoor play. Take, for example, the city of Wildwood, Missouri. In 2007, the local government polled its constituency, asking if they'd like to use available funding to buy new land. Its express purpose was as a community park, but the surprising aspect from the results wasn't about the acquisition itself. A plurality voted against more traditional play areas such as a baseball field or skatepark, instead choosing walking trails and fishing ponds.

Miracle Swimming Opens First Pool Dedicated to Those With Water Fears

Nearly half (46 percent) of American adults cannot swim because they are fearful in deep water, creating a need for swimming lessons designed specifically not just for adults, but also to overcome those fears. On April 16, 2016, a new swimming pool dedicated specifically to teaching adults to swim is scheduled to open in Sarasota, Fla.

Managing Concussion Risk: Communities Switch From Contact to Flag Football

An NFL report showed that concussions rose 30 percent in 2015, to a total of 271—the highest number in four years, despite tougher concussion protocol compiled by the NFL's Head, Neck, and Spine committee. News like this is causing many parents to become fearful about letting their kids play contact football. And now there's a growing list of communities nationally making the switch from contact to flag football.

Gallup Study Looks at Long-Term Well-Being of Former Student Athletes

According to a recent study conducted by Gallup in collaboration with NCAA, past participants in college sports fared better in four out of five measures of well-being. When it comes to purpose, community, social well-being and physical well-being, former student athletes are in better shape.