July 2016

Research Shows Light Pollution's Impact on Night Sky

New research reveals how light pollution has an impact on the night sky. The New World Atlas model provides a compelling illustration that sky glow extends large distances from cities, and offers a tool for national parks to work in partnership with all stakeholders to pursue restoration of night skies.

Trail-Oriented Development Eases Congestion, Encourages Activity

Urban traffic congestion is a seemingly unavoidable part of everyday living in major metropolitan areas. In collaboration with real estate developers, city planners have started implementing new solutions to this age-old problem. They’ve noticed a surge in commuter usage of alternative transportation methods such as biking and walking. Their data analysis has led to new innovations in city and neighborhood construction.

Nonprofits Aim to Boost Inclusive Fitness Opportunities

Two exciting launches recently took place at the American Heart Association in Washington, D.C.: The UFIT (Universal Fitness Innovation and Transformation) USA launch, and the global launch of the Marseille Declaration. Both initiatives strive for social change and aim to increase fitness opportunities for people with disabilities, ultimately gaining more inclusion in society.