February 2017

Outdoor REC Act Signed Into Law

On Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 former President Barrack Obama signed into law the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act. Also known as H.R 4665, this new law is the capstone of recent efforts by House representatives to increase the assessment of the outdoor recreation industries contribution to the United States’ Economy.

Happy 125th B-Day B-Ball!

The first YMCA in America opened in Boston in 1851—seven years after the organization’s founding in London—with one of their original tenets being physical fitness. In 1891, Canadian James Naismith went to Springfield, Mass., to become the physical education teacher at the YMCA International Training School there. That winter, his boss—Dr. Luther Gulick—tasked him with creating an indoor game to provide an athletic distraction for his rowdy class that was confined indoors due to the harsh winter.

Study Shows Majority—Even Athletes—Are 'Overfat'

A new study published in the Frontiers in Public Health revealed that about 76 percent of the world’s population—including athletes—are “overfat,” a condition described in the study as having sufficient excess body fat to impair health.

Gym-Goers Like YMCA Best; Planet Fitness Winning Market Share

A new study from Market Force Information found that consumers prefer their local YMCA or YWCA over all other national gym chains, and many gym-goers are planning to switch gyms in the next three months.