January 2018

China Plant Shutdowns May Affect Pool Operations & Budgets

China's shutdown of its chemical plants back in December that provide cyanuric acid (CYA) will have an effect on the industry, potentially forcing up prices for the chemical stabilizer.

Arlington County 'Pulls Together' to Remove Invasive Plants

Arlington County received a $140,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's "Pulling Together Initiative" to identify and remove invasive plant species along the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. The 45-mile paved trail is popular with cyclist, runners and horseback riders. It stretches through many Northern Virginia counties.

Youth Sports Participation Increases for Underserved Kids

Nearly three-quarters of youth sports programs in 27 cities and towns reported growth in the number of kids involved in their programs in 2016, according to a new report from the Youth Sports Collaborative Network. These results are encouraging, especially considering that budgets for many of these types of programs are shrinking and childhood obesity rates are growing.

Study: Physical Activity Boosts Learning Time

It's common knowledge that exercise has a variety of health benefits, including boosting thinking and learning. In fact, results of a three-year study show that classroom physical activity can increase learning time for school children.