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AOAP's Aquatics Professional Designation Certified by CMAHC

The Association of Aquatics Professionals (AOAP) and the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) announced that CMAHC has certified the AOAP Aquatics Professional designation (AqP), a professional designation for members of the aquatics industry. This achievement promotes the health, safety and wellness of the aquatics professionals who achieve an AqP designation and the aquatic facilities they serve.

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National Park Service Awards Underrepresented Community Grants

The National Park Service announced it has awarded $750,000 in Underrepresented Community Grants to support the identification and nomination of sites to the National Register of Historic Places.

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ACE Launches Personal Trainer Certification Program

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) launched an all-new ACE Personal Trainer Study Program, once again raising the bar for certification programs of this type.

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NRPA Announces 'Greener Parks for Health' Initiative

The suite of resources offers a variety of research-informed messages, tools and policy solutions to help park and recreation professionals communicate about, advocate for and institutionalize green infrastructure in parks to improve community well-being, especially in communities facing environmental, health, economic and social injustices.

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Keep America Beautiful Launches Grant Program for MLK Corridors

Keep America Beautiful announced the creation of a grant program to support the efforts of volunteers, residents, community groups and business owners and employees to prevent litter, promote recycling and beautify areas in and around Martin Luther King Jr. corridors and promote neighborhood building by empowering individuals to become engaged in the communities where they live and work.

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KABOOM!, Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation Announce Play Everywhere Design Challenge

KABOOM!, the national nonprofit working to end playspace inequity for good, and the Built to Play Initiative, supported by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, announced the launch of the Play Everywhere Design Challenge.

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Majority of Aquatic Facilities Require Certifications

Majority of Aquatic Facilities Require Certifications

A majority of aquatic respondents to Recreation Management's Industry Report Survey indicate that they require various sorts of certification for at least some staff members at their facilities.

Some 93.1% of aquatic respondents said they currently require CPR, AED or First Aid certification for staff members. Nearly nine out of 10 (87%) said they require lifeguard certification.

Finally, well over half (58.5%) said they require aquatic management or pool operations certification for at least some of their staff. Aquatic management and pool operations certifications help demonstrate an understanding of the best practices that keep pool water healthy and pools safe for swimmers.

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Misconceptions About Chlorine Demand

There have been several changes in water care over the past few years, including an increase in saltwater pools and more. Through these changes, one problem that remains prevalent is chlorine demand.

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Trends in Aquatic Facilities

From indoor and outdoor pools to splash play areas, waterparks and beyond, aquatic facilities feature unique challenges and solutions. Here's an overview of trends in these facilities from the State of the Industry Report.

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Aquatic Pros Talk Design: Plan Ahead for Operational Success

In order to achieve operational success at your aquatic facility, you need to start with the design, factoring in your audience and market, as well as how to create aesthetic appeal.

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Managing Aquatic Maintenance: Automation Helps Boost Efficiency & Safety

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your aquatic facility running at peak efficiency. Learn more about the steps you should take to keep your aquatics in prime condition.

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