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Association of Aquatic Professionals Contributes to CMAHC Indoor Air Quality Study

The Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP) recently donated $10,000 in support of the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code's (CMAHC) Indoor Air Quality Study, an ongoing research project focused on developing a mathematical model that will identify the connections between indoor air quality, pool design and pool operations. The results of the research will help the aquatics industry understand and better address real-world design and operational issues to enable safer air quality measurements for swimmers, patrons and aquatic staff.

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Landscape Architects Form Task Force to Take on Climate and Biodiversity Crises

The American Society of Landscape Architects is developing its first Climate Action Plan for the U.S. landscape architecture community.

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New Camp-School Partnership Provides Children With Summer Camp Opportunity

Camps, schools and advocates are partnering to provide underresourced middle school students with a week of summer camp that will help address their emotional well-being and academic losses caused by the pandemic over the past two years.

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USA Swimming Unveils New Women Coaches in Governance Program

USA Swimming announced the inaugural Women Coaches in Governance program, geared toward identifying, educating, supporting and mentoring women coaches who wish to be more involved in organizational governance.

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Think Tank Advises on Ways to Fund the Wellness Model in Senior Living

Innovative senior living organizations are repositioning for today's cultural and economic realities with a new business model: senior living based in a wellness lifestyle, with options for care.

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NLC Survey Shows How Local Governments Plan to Maximize Federal Infrastructure Funds

The National League of Cities announced the findings from a join survey with Polco on local infrastructure projects.

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Free Webinar! Transform Expectations With a Water-Based Family Entertainment Center


Free Webinar! Transform Expectations With a Water-Based Family Entertainment Center

Aug. 31, 2022
2 p.m. ET, 1 p.m. CT, 11 a.m. PT

Looking for innovative ways to encourage your community or guests to get out and play? Want to provide a unique destination that combines active and passive recreation with nature and open water?

There's no denying that people are drawn to the water. Encourage them to immerse themselves in nature. A water-based family entertainment center brings active and passive recreation to your open water and waterfront. This new category of recreation reaches all demographics with its intentional and inclusive design, making use of the natural landscape and water to create a variety of land-based and open-water recreation zones.

Whether you've already got a body of water like a lakefront or former quarry, or you create a body of water to meet the needs of your community, you can bring this unique form of recreation to your community. In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn more about the benefits of this innovative new approach to recreation, including revenue-building opportunities and the economic value of utilizing sustainable natural resources.
  • Discover how to best combine land and water-based recreation to provide a way for every demographic to get involved in the fun.
  • Explore case studies of municipalities, developers, resorts and others that have implemented their own unique water-based family entertainment venue.
  • The factors that contribute to a park's attractiveness and usage.

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Staffing Concerns Jump to the Top of the List for Aquatic Facilities


Staffing Concerns Jump to the Top of the List for Aquatic Facilities

While staffing concerns have been at or near the top of the list of top challenges facing the aquatic industry in every year of the Aquatic Trends Report, in 2022, nearly three-quarters (73.6%) of respondents said that staffing issues were a top challenge for the industry, up dramatically from 52.4% in 2021. Budgetary issues were the next most commonly selected issue, with 55.8% in 2022 claiming this is a top challenge for the industry, down slightly from 58.9% in 2021. Other top aquatic industry challenges included: equipment and facility maintenance (51% named it a top challenge in 2022, up from 49.1% in 2021); safety and risk management (25.8% vs. 32%); and conserving energy, water and other resources (19.4% vs. 19.5%). Managing water and air quality was considered a top industry challenge by 9.3% of respondents to the 2022 study, down from 12.9% in 2021 and 15.6% in 2020.

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Pathway Lighting Reinvigorates Running Trail

The popular Amazon Park Running Trail in Eugene, Ore., recently was rebuilt with a thicker rock base, new surfacing and drainage. In addition, lighting was introduced or upgraded along sections of the trail.

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Trends in Aquatic Facilities

From natatoriums that host swim meets with space on the deck for spectators, to outdoor aquatic parks with pools, splash play, slides and more, to the resort pool with its comfortable amenities, the range of aquatic facilities is broad. In this section of the Industry Report, we consider responses from professionals working for facilities that include aquatics.

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2022 Trends in Sports & Rec Centers

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Better, Stronger, Healthier: 2022 Trends in Collegiate Sports Facility Design

From well-heeled locker rooms and practice facilities to stadiums and arenas that improve the gameday experience for everyone, designers are on top of the latest trends in sports facility design.

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