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All Playgrounds Are Not Created Equal
Rosedale Recreation Center in Washington, D.C.

Facility Profile - October 2013

A new city-wide project to bring play to every corner of the district has kicked off with an impressive, inclusive play space at the Rosedale Recreation Center.

Improve Accessibility at Your Pool

Problem Solver - August 2013

There are five means of access identified by the guidelines. Two of these—pool lifts and sloped entries—are considered primary means of access, while all five are considered secondary means of accessibility.

Find an Accessible Grill

Problem Solver - August 2013

You can also find wheelchair-accessible campfire rings using the same ADA compliant swivel grate, built higher to raise the fire and cooking grate to required heights.

Sports for Everyone

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Adaptive Sports

Web Exclusive - July 2013

Learn more about how adaptive sports programs are ensuring everyone gets to play.

before you go…

On the Rise
Students with Disabilities Get More Sports Opportunities

Before You Go - March 2013

Students with disabilities will have more chances to participate in sports thanks to new guidance issued earlier this year by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

Let's Play Together!

How Inclusive Playgrounds Benefit Everyone

Feature Article - January 2013

Accessibility on the playground is a requirement, but sometimes it's not enough. Going above and beyond to encourage true inclusiveness in your play spaces can have a big impact on your community.

Aquatics and Accessibility

Beyond ADA Compliance

Feature Article - January 2013

The deadline for ADA compliance for existing pools is Jan. 31, 2013, but there is a lot more you can do to encourage use by patrons with disabilities.

Programming: Inclusiveness

Mission Possible
Programming Inclusion for Hidden Disabilities

Feature Article - January 2013

Learning how to successfully include those with hidden disabilities—social, emotional and cognitive challenges—into your programs can have a life-changing effect for those you serve.


Swimming Pool Lift Maintenance

Guest Column - January 2013

Once you've upgraded your pool to ensure ADA accessibility, you need to be sure you maintain your equipment properly. Here are some tips on keeping your pool lift in working order.


Inclusive Play Stands Out

Web Exclusive - January 2013

Expanding on our print feature covering inclusive playgrounds, we offer a look at how some playgrounds have put ideas into action.