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Miniature Golf

A Mandate for Miniature Golf ADA Compliance

Guest Column - October 2011

Untangling the requirements of the recent ADA design guidelines updates is tricky business. Here an expert guides miniature golf course owners through the new requirements.

Ensure Your Pool Is ADA-Compliant

Problem Solver - August 2011

Among other facility types, swimming pools, wading pools and spas are included in the new standards. This means aquatic facility managers need to be aware of the requirements, and ready to make changes to meet the needs of their disabled patrons.

Improve Accessibility at Your Site

Problem Solver - August 2011

Wheelchair spaces shall provide knee space at least 27 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. Toe clearance 9 inches high minimum shall extend an additional 5 inches minimum from the knee clearance. Toe clearance shall be 30 inches wide minimum.

Common Grounds

Inclusive Play on the Upswing

Supplement Feature - April 2011

Though accessible playgrounds have generated industry buzz for decades, there has been major progress toward "inclusive" or "universal" parks in recent years. Progressive recreation managers realize that accessibility is more than just ensuring that a wheelchair can reach the play equipment easily or that the park satisfies the bare minimum established by the Americans with Disabilities Act. They recognize that accessibility is not enough. Modern playgrounds must be inclusive, designed specifically to ensure that children of multiple abilities can play together—not just alongside one another.

Are You Accessible?

Tips From the Pros on Compliance With New ADA Standards

Feature Article - January 2011

With new ADA rules set to go into effect, it's important to understand how recreation, sports and fitness facilities will be affected.


Play for All
Thinking Outside the Ramp

Guest Column - January 2011

Many think it's enough to install ramps to make a playground accessible. But a playground that truly includes disabled children and immerses them in the activity involves so much more.

A Welcome Inclusion

Invisible Disabilities Get Hands-On Attention

Feature Article - October 2010

Millions of Americans struggle with the social and emotional challenges associated with "invisible" disabilities like ADHD, bipolar disorders, autism spectrum disorders and sensory integration disorders. Thankfully, a growing number of organizations are making recreation programming more accessible to these citizens.

All Together Now

Making Play Safe & Accessible

Feature Article - March 2010

Before it is opened for fun and play, a playground must go through a careful planning process—one that ensures accessibility and safety for the children.

Meeting Needs

Ensuring Accessibility

Feature Article - October 2009

Many gains have been made in making sports and recreation more accessible to those with disabilities, but experts say more work needs to be done.