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Smith Aquatic & Fitness Center

Charlottesville, Virginia

Award Winner - May 2012

The new center significantly reduces energy and water consumption. The facility achieves a 50 percent reduction in energy use when compared with a code baseline building. The initial capital costs for increased efficiency are projected to be recovered in seven years with a total $3 million payback over the course of the 30-year lifecycle.


Take It Outside
Bringing Indoor Fitness Outdoors

Guest Column - May 2012

Outdoor fitness equipment is a perfect gateway to wellness for those who've never tried working out with equipment before. Providing such amenities helps draw people into an active lifestyle.

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Fit for Social Media
Fitness Industry Can Benefit From Facebook, Twitter

Before You Go - May 2012

Social media sites are no longer just for marketing and promotions. They also are beneficial for fitness professionals looking to enhance customer service and create a sense of community between members and their facilities.

Fit for All Ages

Reaching New Demographics Through Targeted Fitness Programming

Feature Article - March 2012

Fitness facilities are increasingly offering programs focused on specific audiences, from sitting workouts for older adults to game-centric workouts focused on teens.

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Contest to Award $10,000 for Weight Loss

Before You Go - March 2012

Now, Isabella County in Michigan is having a weight-loss competition of its own. Hundreds of participants have geared up for the contest, dubbed the Isabella County SLIM-to-WIN competition, which is being held at Morey Courts Recreation Center, located in Mount Pleasant, Mich. The competition is based on the percentage of body weight lost over the course of eight months.

Dive in for Healthier Bodies & Minds

Wellness Programming for Aquatic Facilities

Supplement Feature - February 2012

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists a number of health benefits related to swimming and other water-based activities, including improved joint function and reduced discomfort for arthritis sufferers, anxiety relief for fibromyalgia patients, and better bone health in post-menopausal women.

Operations & Maintenance: Fitness Facilities

Formula for Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - February 2012

Careful design and proper ongoing practices are key to ensure your fitness facility is in top condition.

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Stumbling Blocks
Kids in Child Care Centers Not Getting Adequate Exercise

Before You Go - February 2012

And, who's at fault? Possibly, parental and societal values about injury prevention and kindergarten readiness, according to a study, "Societal Values and Policies May Curtail Preschool Children's Physical Activity in Child Care Centers," which was published in the February 2012 issue of Pediatrics.

Alive & Well

Fitness Clubs Still Thriving, Moving Forward

Feature Article - November 2011

Despite the economic downturn, fitness facilities have continued to thrive and grow. Learn about the latest trends in design and programming that help fitness clubs stand out from the pack.


A Culture That Builds Strength
South Shore YMCA, Hanover Branch in Hanover, Mass.

Facility Profile - November 2011

When this YMCA wanted to help kids get fit, they looked into a new approach that integrated youngsters into the general facility, rather than separating them. Find out more about how it works.