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Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs

A Look at Trends in Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs

Feature Article - June 2017

Health, fitness and sports clubs represent a unique segment of the market, more often operating as for-profit facilities that must make ends meet. Here's a look at how things are shaping up for these facilities.

Fitness Forever

Fitness Facility Design to Meet Changing Demands

Feature Article - May 2017

There's always something new in the fitness world, and fitness facilities must adapt to provide what customers want. Here's how to design your facility to meet the needs of your audience.

Resorts & Fitness

When a Traditional Gym Is Not Enough

Guest Column - April 2017

The hotel and resort business is highly competitive. While many hotels offer a gym where guests can get in a quick workout, it's wise to go above and beyond and incorporate your fitness offerings into your marketing, especially if you're focused on reaching customers who believe in eco-conscious choices.

Attention to Detail

The Ongoing Evolution of the Locker Room

Feature Article - March 2017

Locker rooms have come a long way from the bare-bones functional spaces of the past. Modern-day locker rooms are designed to please modern-day patrons, with amenities and layouts that makes more sense.


Broaden Your Appeal With Cardio Equipment Variety

Guest Column - March 2017

Every fitness floor should feature some standard and expected fitness equipment, like treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers. But you can appeal to a wider variety of users if you add more choices to the mix.

SUNY New Paltz Gets a Jump on Fitness

Web Exclusive - March 2017

A new app is giving students, faculty, staff and alumni at SUNY New Paltz greater control over their exercise, while providing fitness and recreation facilities important information to help create a better exercise experience.

Workout 2017

Making Americans Fit Again

Feature Article - February 2017

Fitness trends come and go, and come and go, but there are ways to adapt so that you're always offering something that your members and visitors are looking for.

Preventing the Flu at Your Facility

Web Exclusive - February 2017

Given that 80 percent of illness-causing germs are spread through touch, cleaning and disinfection is a critical step toward preventing illness and outbreak. Here are some tips to help prevent the spread of flu and other winter germs in your facility.

From Muscle to Movement

Top Trends in Fitness Equipment

Feature Article - November 2016

From personal devices for tracking movement to equipment that engages and interacts, group fitness and more, fitness equipment is constantly adjusting to the expectations of exercisers.

Sports & Fitness Surfacing

What Lies Beneath
Functional Training & Why the Surface Matters

Guest Column - November 2016

Athletic performance and fitness performance can be affected by the surface beneath our feet, which is why facility planners need to take care and select surfaces that will be effective for the kinds of programming they plan to offer.