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Design an Effective Fitness Facility

Problem Solver - August 2014

Well-designed fitness floors, personal training studios and gyms are both aesthetically pleasing and orderly, as well as extremely functional. If you don't know how to get started, don't sweat it! You can find help to ensure your space is as fit as possible.

Simplify Equipment Cleanup

Problem Solver - August 2014

All fitness facilities should provide members with a way to sanitize exercise equipment as soon as they're done working out. No one wants to work out on sweaty, smelly, germ-laden exercise equipment. The chance that members will wipe down equipment immediately after use is significantly improved if you make the tools for clean up conveniently accessible—convenience breeds compliance.

Protect Fitness Patrons & Equipment

Problem Solver - August 2014

Keeping your fitness facility clean is a key to keeping patrons healthy and ensuring your equipment functions properly. One of the most important things you can do is make it easier for patrons to clean up after themselves. When they don't, disease can spread, and equipment can be damaged.

Opportunity Knocks

Finding the Right Enclosure Solution to Expand Your Possibilities

Feature Article - July 2014

When you want to extend the sports, fun and fitness from three seasons to more, there are simple enclosure solutions that can provide a quick and easy solution.

2014 State of the Managed Recreation Industry

A Look At What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2014

More than 2,200 professionals responded to our call for information about their facility operations. Here, we summarize their responses, including current trends in operations, staffing, programming, construction and much more.

A Look at Regional Trends

Regional Information

Feature Article - June 2014

This section breaks survey results down according to region, taking a look at trends in facilities across the country. Learn how facilities in different regions differ.

A Look at Trends in Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs

Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs

Feature Article - June 2014

This section summarizes the survey results from health, fitness and sports clubs, including new trends in programming and a positive outlook on budgets and memberships.

Fit by Design

Getting More From Fitness Facility Design

Feature Article - May 2014

Fitness facilities can encompass a wide range of designs, from bare-bones spaces to resort-like extravagances. Essential to any approach, though, is knowing the facility's audience.

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A Healthier Future
NRPA, PHA Team Up for Kids' Health Campaign

Before You Go - May 2014

The five-year campaign, dubbed "Commit to Health," was designed to bring Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards to community park and recreation programs throughout the country. The campaign officially was announced in February at an event in Gwen Cherry Park in Miami.


Improve the Gym Experience
Strategies to Keep Your Fitness Facility Hopping

Guest Column - April 2014

While there are myriad innovations on the market to boost your fitness facility's membership and engagement, sometimes it's smart to go back to basics.