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A Path Toward Conservation

The Environmental Benefits of Trails & Greenways

Feature Article - November 2019

Thoughtfully planned trails and greenways can provide a myriad of conservation benefits—from preserving ecosystems to providing a pollution-free way for commuters to get from here to there.

Conservation Conversations

How to Get Your Department and Community More Environmentally Aware

Feature Article - April 2019

From clever programming that immerses people in nature to education and initiatives to preserve and conserve, parks and recreation organizations continue to spread the word on environmental awareness.

UNC Greensboro Aquatics Go Green

Web Exclusive - April 2019

There’s a growing trend among athletic aquatic facilities to install eco-friendly equipment. The University of North Carolina in Greensboro recently updated its aquatic facility with energy-efficient equipment.

Still Going Green

Sustainability Plans & Equipment Help Create Eco-Friendly Facilities

Feature Article - April 2018

Parks and recreation facilities, as well as schools and college campuses have long been at the forefront of innovative and sustainable design. Find out how some facilities use small steps to go greener.

Go Greener

Web Exclusive - April 2018

Earth Day happens every year in April, and this month, we're taking the opportunity to celebrate by offering up some suggestions to make your operations a little greener.


Turning to Tech
Groveport Recreation Center in Groveport, Ohio

Facility Profile - February 2017

A new solution is enabling this recreation center to streamline its use of resources and save energy, and money.

Energy Boost

Alternative Energy Sources Help Improve Efficiency

Feature Article - March 2016

Increasing energy efficiency is consistently the No. 1 way respondents to our annual Industry Report say they are trying to reduce their operating costs. In this article, we'll look at the best ways to improve operating efficiencies by decreasing use of resources.

Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Draining

Web Exclusive - October 2015

Before you drain a pool for the end of the season, cleaning or renovation, give some thought to the effect the water will have on the environment.

Find Green Site Furnishings

Problem Solver - August 2015

How can these products be used to encourage recycling? Many site furniture catalogs provide you with ways to promote green initiatives, particularly recycling initiatives. This can often be achieved with special lids and decals on existing litter receptacles or through recycling stations customized to accept your unique recyclables and litter.

Green Your Cleaning

Web Exclusive - July 2015

With the adoption of greener practices in recreation facilities comes the use of cleaning products that are greener and scent-free. What's more, the key ingredient in many cleaning solutions nowadays is simple: water.