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Grounded in Best Practices

High-Demand Outdoor Spaces Require Smart Management

Feature Article - September 2020

Some parks got a chance to use lockdowns to spruce things up, while others remained open and were busier than ever. Either way, grounds maintenance is an ongoing task. In this story, we'll talk about best practices in maintaining beautiful parks and sites.

Grounds for Improvement

New Efficiencies Drive Better Maintenance Practices

Feature Article - October 2019

Efficiency and smarter, more ecological practices are the name of the game when it comes to grounds maintenance. From sports fields to open spaces, learn more about the equipment and practices you need to get the job done right.

Maintain Your Grounds

Problem Solver - August 2019

Other types of machines to consider include wide-area mowers, zero-turns or specialty equipment if the property includes sports fields. Additionally, consider a utility vehicle, which can be used for routine cleanup such as trash collection, and transformed with attachments and accessories to tackle other tasks, such as spraying and seeding.

Greener Than Ever

The Latest Trends in Grounds and Turf Management

Feature Article - October 2018

From greener practices to smarter use of turfgrass and other plants, grounds managers are on the cutting edge, wisely using resources to provide more effective and efficient sites and sports fields.

Grounds Maintenance

Managing the Wild
Various Locations - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Facility Profile - September 2018

Having the right tools and equipment makes a big different in fishery management for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Landscape Trends on the Horizon

Web Exclusive - January 2018

We talked to experts to find out the latest trends in commercial landscaping for 2018.

From The Ground Up

How Grounds Maintenance Professionals Keep Moving Forward

Feature Article - October 2017

Maintaining the beautiful grounds of sports facilities, parks and other green spaces requires constant attention. Staying educated and connecting with peers helps keep these professionals on top of their game.

Speed Grounds Maintenance

Problem Solver - August 2017

If you go with electric, make sure the vehicle has a 48-volt battery pack and a 500-amp DC controller. These powerful controllers generate much more carrying capacity than 350- or even 400-amp controllers. Also look for electric vehicles that come standard with extended-range batteries and single-point watering systems that simplify battery maintenance. Make sure the batteries have smart on-board chargers that issue alerts to prevent common user errors and reel retractors that allow you to charge at any 110-volt outlet.

Greener Grounds

Strategies for Successful Grounds Management

Feature Article - September 2016

People walk your grounds every day, and they likely have no idea how much work goes into making those sites functional and beautiful. This feature covers some best practices in grounds maintenance, with a special look at greener methods.

Innovation, Conservation & Training

The Latest Trends in Grounds Management

Feature Article - November 2015

Your grounds are constantly changing, affected by everything from the weather to use and even overuse. Staying on top of best practices in grounds management will keep your sites looking stellar.