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Outfit Your Locker Room

Problem Solver - August 2013

If vandalism is a concern at your facility, be sure to talk to your manufacturer about lockers designed to withstand higher levels of abuse.

Comfort & Joy

Modernize Your Locker Room to Boost Satisfaction

Feature Article - May 2013

Ensuring your locker rooms and clean and comfortable can go a long way toward pleasing patrons. Learn more about some modern locker room trends.

Locker Rooms & Restrooms

Greening Locker Rooms & Restrooms
Sustainable Design Evolves, Locking in Style & Savings

Guest Column - February 2013

When you make smart choices in materials for your lockers and restroom amenities, you can not only ensure your facility is more environmentally friendly, but you also boost the durability and usability fo your facilities.

Create a Patron-Pleasing Locker Room

Problem Solver - August 2012

Swimmers often leave their wet suits dripping from the back of a locker when they don't have a simpler way to dry it. The dripping suits can damage your lockers and create a slip hazard on the floor. To prevent wet floors from becoming a problem, you should install a swimsuit water extractor. Easily installed, these machines remove up to 95 percent of a swimsuit's moisture in 10 seconds.

Find Effective Storage Solutions

Problem Solver - August 2012

On top of this, there are many available colors. That means you can match your school or team colors, or you could even buy a variety of colors, and color-code your equipment storage. It's a lot easier to tell someone to go find the blue cart than to ask for the cart that has the volleyballs.

Changing Places

The Ever-Changing Locker Room Goes Modern

Feature Article - May 2012

Locker rooms are increasingly being updated to follow new trends, from more durable and aesthetically pleasing materials to designs that offer a space for women, men and families.

Hammonasset Beach State Park Visitor's Center

Madison, Connecticut

Award Winner - May 2012

The new 2,500-square-foot building is located at the center of the mile-long beach with nearly 4,000 square feet of deck and boardwalk. Inspiration for the building was derived from the site itself. The requirement to remain sensitive to the coastal environment, both from a conservation standpoint as well as an understanding of its harsh effects on the built environment, led to a design that touches the site lightly with natural materials that will remain serviceable for years to come.

Operations & Maintenance: Locker Rooms

Quality Materials, Security Improve Locker Room, Restroom Upkeep

Web Exclusive - January 2012

Locker rooms are a crucial aspect of the facilities they serve, but they can also present maintenance challenges. Getting it right in the first place, with proper materials and designs that take security into account, will help smooth the process.

Suit Yourself

Locker Rooms to Fit Your Facility

Feature Article - May 2011

This year's batch of competitors for our Innovative Architecture & Design Awards contest were outstanding. Check out the winners, as well as our Editor's Choice award winner and other top highlights.

Locker Rooms

Locker Room Design Strategies
Durable Fixtures Enhance Image, Reduce Operational Costs

Guest Column - February 2011

Choosing the right materials for your locker room will help ensure its long-term aesthetic appeal.