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Play It Right

Playground Maintenance Can Prolong Equipment Life & Prevent Injuries

Feature Article - November 2015

Playground maintenance is one of the cornerstones of safety for these popular, kid-friendly destinations. Here, we take a look at ways to ensure you're on top of maintenance requirements.

Play It Safe

Regular Maintenance, Testing Vital to Improving Safety

Supplement Feature - October 2015

Playground safety surfaces are available to meet a plethora of needs and budgets. Understanding how to evaluate these surfaces and maintain them to ensure they are in good condition is key to a consistently safe play environment.

A Pool Facelift

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia

Facility Profile - September 2015

When The Racquet Club of Philadelphia needed to improve its pool's look, it looked for a partner that could help determine the most effective way to repaint the pool's surface.

Understand the Basics of Pool Painting

Problem Solver - August 2015

If your pool has already been painted, you need to find out what kind of paint was used so you can use the same type. Not sure about what type of paint was used? No problem! You can send a paint chip to the pool paint manufacturer, and they will test it to determine compatibility.

Green Your Cleaning

Web Exclusive - July 2015

With the adoption of greener practices in recreation facilities comes the use of cleaning products that are greener and scent-free. What's more, the key ingredient in many cleaning solutions nowadays is simple: water.

Flourish Through Funding

Strategies to Support Park Creation and Maintenance

Supplement Feature - April 2015

While budgets have tightened, there are still plenty of opportunities for funding your parks projects. From legislative approaches to grants, volunteering, concession contracts and more, we examine various methods for boosting your parks' potential.

Pool Procedures Overview

Expert Tips on Maintaining a Safe, Healthy and Sustaining Swimming Pool

Feature Article - April 2015

Swimming pools feature complex chemistry and a whole list of to-do's that are extremely important to keep things running right and to keep swimmers safe. Here, we asked some experts for input on pool maintenance.


Keep Park and Rec Locations Clean and Healthy Year-Round

Guest Column - February 2015

With the right cleaning and maintenance practices in place, you can protect patrons from diseases all year long.

Fit and Trim

Fitness Equipment Trends and Facility Maintenance Best Practices

Feature Article - November 2014

New innovations in fitness equipment are continually emerging onto the market. Here, we offer readers the latest updates in equipment and provide advice on equipment maintenance.

Take the Field

Managing & Maintaining High-Performing Sports Fields

Feature Article - November 2014

If you want to keep your sports fields in top playing shape, you need to take good care of turf, whether it's natural or synthetic.