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Keep an Eye on Play

Proper Maintenance Makes for Safer Playgrounds

Feature Article - February 2014

Maintenance is one of the cornerstones of playground safety. Learn the basics from some of the industry's leading playground experts.


Tiptop Turf
Keeping Your Synthetic Turf in Shape

Guest Column - October 2013

Keeping your synthetic turf in top shape requires careful adherence to maintenance practices. This month, the experts give you a quick rundown.

2013 State of the Managed Recreation Industry

A Look at What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2013

More than 2,100 professionals responded to our call for information about their facility operations. Here, we summarize their responses, including current trends in operations, staffing, programming, construction and much more.


From Schedules to Standards
Keeping Restrooms Clean

Guest Column - May 2013

If you want to ensure your restrooms aren't a turnoff for your patrons, you need to develop a new method of keeping things spic and span.

Sports Fields

Tips for Leagues That Must Maintain Their Facilities

Guest Column - March 2013

If you've got to maintain—and maybe even improve—your sports fields, there are some smart steps to take to ease the process.

Fighting Disease, One Germ at a Time

Web Exclusive - February 2013

Flu season isn't over yet. Learn how to prevent the spread of germs at your facility with these helpful tips.

Maintenance & Operations: Spraygrounds

Playing With Water
Sprayground Operations

Feature Article - November 2012

Spraygrounds continue to give community members a chance to get their feet wet without sinking resources into a full-blown aquatic center. Find out what makes for a successful splash play area.

Maintenance & Operations: Synthetic Turf

Beyond the Basics
Synthetic Turf Fields Have Come a Long Way

Feature Article - October 2012

Synthetic turf fields are a great solution for reducing maintenance requirements, while extending the hours of play available for sports fields of all kinds, from the usual football and soccer to baseball and more.

Maintenance & Operations: Fitness Facilities

Green in the Gym

Feature Article - September 2012

If you want a gymnasium that doesn't overload your maintenance staff, begin with the right design. Green strategies can help reduce long-term costs and maintenance requirements.

Find the Right Pool Vacuum

Problem Solver - August 2012

The shape of your pool and features may require that your cleaner has an infrared sensor to avoid or maneuver around obstacles. If you have a beach entry pool, your cleaner may require an air sensor.