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All Together Now

Making Play Safe & Accessible

Feature Article - March 2010

Before it is opened for fun and play, a playground must go through a careful planning process—one that ensures accessibility and safety for the children.

A Greener Place to Play

Crowley Park/Emerson Elementary School in La Crosse, Wis.

Facility Profile - October 2009

When Emerson Elementary School's playground was sending kids in from recess with splinters, the school needed a solution. Creative partnerships with the city of La Crosse led to a green and safe place for kids to play.

Nature and Nurture

Trends in Play Design

Feature Article - July 2009

When it comes to playgrounds, there are several movements afoot: one brings more natural elements to the playspace, another ensures kids get the right amount of exercise, and a third is meant to provide play for everyone—no matter their economic background or physical abilities.