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Play It Right

Playground Maintenance Can Prolong Equipment Life & Prevent Injuries

Feature Article - November 2015

Playground maintenance is one of the cornerstones of safety for these popular, kid-friendly destinations. Here, we take a look at ways to ensure you're on top of maintenance requirements.

NRPA Leads Effort to Revitalize North Las Vegas Park

Web Exclusive - November 2015

Joe Kneip Park in North Las Vegas recently got a makeover, thanks to the National Recreation and Park Association, the City of North Las Vegas and a number of other partners.

Play It Safe

Regular Maintenance, Testing Vital to Improving Safety

Supplement Feature - October 2015

Playground safety surfaces are available to meet a plethora of needs and budgets. Understanding how to evaluate these surfaces and maintain them to ensure they are in good condition is key to a consistently safe play environment.

Create a Nature-Inspired Play Space

Problem Solver - August 2015

With their in-depth knowledge of playground safety, you can trust playground manufacturers to develop nature-inspired play that provides wonder and adventure to children via durable, safe and low-maintenance equipment.

Create a Destination Playground

Problem Solver - August 2015

Whichever route you choose, you'll be able to tailor your playground to match the context of your area, from local history to natural elements of the landscape and environment, or to express whatever you and your community can dream up.

Create a Recreation Space Designed for Families

Problem Solver - August 2015


Build Playgrounds, Build Community

Problem Solver - August 2015

1. Start by identifying the key players who will use the playground. This could be families in the surrounding area, local schools, childcare centers, church groups or other organizations.

Go Above & Beyond on Playground Safety

Problem Solver - August 2015

Talk to your manufacturer about the various elements that can affect the performance of your surface, from maintenance to weather, and more. And, don't forget that the more the surface is used, the less effective it may become. Some manufacturers offer post-installation field testing as part of the contract for a new surface. This can demonstrate the surface's effectiveness at your specific site. The clearest way to evaluate any safety surface is to conduct post-installation drop testing.

Ensure Accessibility for Your Playground Surface

Problem Solver - August 2015

You'll occasionally need to top off the surface, adding more wood fiber, to maintain proper protection. Keep a schedule for staff members, and be sure to conduct regular inspections of the surface. Remove foreign objects and rake the fiber to keep the surface level.

Natural, Thematic & Playable By All

The Latest Trends in Playground Design

Feature Article - July 2015

These days, playgrounds can be far more than the simple post-and-platform structures we've gotten so used to. From natural play to themes that excite kids and playgrounds for all abilities, there's a huge world of play out there to enjoy.