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Bringing Play to Life

Creative Play Spaces and Playground Solutions

Supplement Feature - April 2015

Your playground doesn't have to look like every other. With creative approaches, customization, community involvement and more, you can build a unique playground that kids can't resist.


A Park & Playground Preserved
Cadboro-Gyro Park in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada

Facility Profile - March 2015

A Canadian park gets a makeover, and the improvements provide a much more effective play space for kids.

Upgrading Play Safety: A Case Example

Web Exclusive - March 2015

When First Baptist Church in Neches, Texas, decided to surface their playground with rubber mulch, they turned the whole installation experience into a fun time for all.

Planning for Inclusion

Inclusive Play Needs Community Participation

Feature Article - February 2015

Ideally, inclusion is top-of-mind from the earliest planning stages of your playground. Get the community involved and excited from conception to completion of your project.


It's Time to Save Outdoor Play

Guest Column - February 2015

Kids need free time in the outdoors to play in order to develop healthy bodies and minds. Unfortunately, screens and scheduled activities are pushing outdoor play off the agenda. It's time to save outdoor play!

Safety for the Duration

Keeping Playground Equipment & Surfaces Safe Now & in the Future

Feature Article - January 2015

Playground equipment and surfaces from well-known and respected manufacturers is designed with children's safety in mind, but the context of your site and the way products are installed can also have an impact, both now and over the life cycle of your equipment.

Certifiably Safer

Why & How Certification Improves Safety

Feature Article - January 2015

Whether it's for a playground inspector, an aquatic facility manager, a fitness instructor or a climbing instructor, certification can make an impact on safety in your facility.


Brotherly Love
White House Municipal Park in White House, Tenn.

Facility Profile - January 2015

On this playground, the heartwarming story of two brothers playing together despite disability comes to life.

The Power of Playing Together

Inclusive Playgrounds Benefit Kids & Communities

Feature Article - November 2014

To be truly accessible, playground owners must take a step beyond compliance with ADA to ensure inclusion for children and families of all abilities.


Hope Springs Eternal
Hope Park in Frisco, Texas

Facility Profile - November 2014

The playground at Hope Park in Frisco, Texas, was built to ensure kids with special needs and disabilities had a place to play. But, more importantly, it was also designed so that kids of all abilities could play together.