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Ready, Set, Play!

Getting Your Playground Initiative Up and Running

Supplement Feature - April 2014

Studies done in recent years by the Centers for Disease Control and Stanford University make good cases for the need for more playgrounds in the United States; the former states that only 20 percent of the country's kids live within a half-mile of a playground, and the latter says today's kids spend less time playing outside than any previous generation. The CDC also says only a quarter of U.S. kids are getting an hour of rigorous physical activity per day.


Play Is in Peril
Saving Unstructured Outdoor Play

Guest Column - April 2014

Children just don't play the way they used to. But the good news is that playground designers and park professionals are on the ball, developing new ways to get children outside having fun.

Keep an Eye on Play

Proper Maintenance Makes for Safer Playgrounds

Feature Article - February 2014

Maintenance is one of the cornerstones of playground safety. Learn the basics from some of the industry's leading playground experts.

Play It Safe

The Latest Playground Safety Trends

Feature Article - January 2014

From safety surfaces to properly designed equipment, there are myriad ways to decrease the likelihood that children will be injured on the playground.

The Value of Play: Bringing Recess Back

Web Exclusive - January 2014

A mounting pile of research shows that kids do better in school—and in life—when they have access to free play during the school day. So, how many schools have tipped the scales to add recess back to the school day?

Power of Play

Investing in Playgrounds Benefits More Than Children

Feature Article - November 2013

Cities and communities across the country have discovered the many benefits to be had by adding up-to-date play spaces. Find out about some of the latest trends in playground design.


All Playgrounds Are Not Created Equal
Rosedale Recreation Center in Washington, D.C.

Facility Profile - October 2013

A new city-wide project to bring play to every corner of the district has kicked off with an impressive, inclusive play space at the Rosedale Recreation Center.

Ground Zero

Choosing the Right Playground Safety Surface

Supplement Feature - September 2013

It wasn't always that way. In fact, not until 1975, when the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) analyzed playground safety hazards and guidelines, did the trend toward installing safer, shock-attenuating surfaces begin. After that study, woodchips, gravel, rubber and other "softer" materials began to replace harder surfacing materials like concrete, asphalt, hard-packed earth, grass and sand. And all those surfaces eventually had to meet guidelines first outlined in 1990, when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed by Congress.


Promoting Public Use
Schwiebert Riverfront Park in Rock Island, Ill.

Facility Profile - September 2013

Here's how one community researched and found the right playground surface to meet their patrons' needs.

Disaster Recovery

Playgrounds & Parks Rebuild Following Wrath of Storms

Feature Article - August 2013

Tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires—disasters can do a lot of damage to parks and playgrounds. Learn how to be prepared before disaster occurs, and how places like Joplin, Mo., New Orleans and New Jersey are recovering in the wake of a variety of disasters.