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Sports Without Opponents

Self-Competitive Mainstreaming

Web Exclusive - February 2017

When you want to ensure inclusive opportunities for all potential patrons, turn to sports that allow participants to compete against themselves, rather than each other.

Coming of Age

Shifting Trends in Design & Programming for Active Older Adults

Feature Article - January 2017

There's been a wave of facilities and programs designed to suit the needs of older adults who want to stay active beyond their middle years. This story takes a look at how things are shaping up for facilities looking to meet the needs of this audience.

Go! Tech-Enabled Parks

From Pokemon GO to Geocaching and Beyond

Feature Article - January 2017

There's always talk about how to get people to turn off the technology and head outside. But if you can't beat the screen, there are ways you can incorporate it into your parks and facilities with tech-enabled fun.

Begin With the Basics & Build

Aquatic Programming 101

Feature Article - November 2016

When you want to create an effective aquatics program, you have to get the basics right first. Start by teaching everyone how to swim, and grow from there.

Outside of the Box

Up-and-Coming Sports Programming Can Expand Your Reach

Feature Article - November 2016

Expanding your programming can be as simple as hopping onto the bandwagon and offering a new sport that's growing in popularity across the country, like archery, adventure racing and pickleball.

'Artie' The River Road Park Imagination Bus

Guest Column - August 2016

As schools continue to eliminate art, music and other creative learning, one park district is stepping up to the plate to fill in the gap.

2016 State of the Industry

A Look at What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2016

More than 2,100 professionals responded to our call for information about their facilities, operations, programming, staffing and more. Here, we summarize their responses.

On an Upward Trend

The Latest in Fitness Can Make Your Facility More Effective

Feature Article - February 2016

Fitness is an ever-changing landscape, with new trends continually emerging, and old ones fading out. Running a successful fitness facility means remaining flexible and adjusting as each new trend comes and goes.

Better Together

Inclusion Strategies for All Facilities

Feature Article - February 2016

Making a commitment to more inclusive programming means more than mouth service. Training staff, incorporating smart programming and making sure your facility can accommodate everyone is crucial.


The Power of Water
Aquatic Programs for Diverse Communities & Profitable Swim Centers

Guest Column - February 2016

Programming your aquatic facility wisely can lead to a big boost in attendance—and revenue. Here are some clever ways to attract new users to your pool while keeping existing swimmers satisfied.