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Peak Performance

Bay Club Launches Performance Program

Web Exclusive - April 2014

Performance training may be a niche specialty in the programming arena, but those who get it right can really make a difference in helping their clients and members achieve their goals.

No Teen Left Inside

Attracting Teens Into Outdoor Programs

Feature Article - March 2014

A growing number of recreation facilities and organizations have discovered how to tap into the mindset of a new generation of teenagers, who are answering the call to outdoor activity and environmental service with enthusiasm.

Survival of the Fittest

Keys to Successful Fitness Facility Management

Feature Article - February 2014

From designing the best programming to attracting and retaining members, the experts have a good handle on how to manage your fitness facility most effectively.


A Hybrid Approach
Various Locations

Facility Profile - January 2014

Facilities looking to make the most of their group fitness offerings can provide a hybrid approach, with some staff-led classes and some classes delivered via a unique offering that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Marketing Movement & Exercise

YMCAs, Schools Help Spur Youth to Exercise, Eat Healthier

Feature Article - November 2013

With childhood overweight and obesity continuing to plague the nation, creative school and YMCA leaders have come up with myriad strategies and programs to address the issue.

Programming: Aquatics

Water for Everyone
Build Out Your Core Aquatic Programs

Feature Article - November 2013

Successful—and revenue-generating—aquatic facilities take a smart approach to pool programming. Ensuring you're offering what patrons are looking for will help get them into your doors, and into the pool.

Sports for Everyone

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Adaptive Sports

Feature Article - October 2013

Adaptive sports programs are becoming more common, but the demand for them is rising at a much faster rate. Learn about the challenges around these offerings, and what resources exist to help you implement them.

Programming: Trails

Path to Nature
Programming Trends in Environmental Education

Feature Article - October 2013

Whether it's on the trail or in the nature center, programming designed to enhance people's understanding of nature is still popular. Learn from some successful programs, then get your own nature programs started.

Programming: Recreational Sports

Never Stop Playing
Trends in Adult Recreational Sports

Feature Article - September 2013

Whether they're highly competitive players or just out for a little socializing and fun, grownups can reap all the benefits of recreational sports just as much as kids can.

Increase Revenue at Your Pool

Problem Solver - August 2013

Even the most limited rectangular pools can add fun and exciting elements at a relatively low cost to increase attendance. You can even find options that won't require you to get involved in expensive and time-consuming renovations. Consider something like modular inflatables when you want to give your pool a boost.