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Opportunities Abound, Year-Round
Collingwood Community Pool and Ice Arena Ontario in Ontario, Canada

Facility Profile - March 2016

Without enough ice to go around and a desire to extend the swimming season indefinitely, Collingwood officials found a simple, fast solution to help expand opportunities for sports, fitness and fun.

Building Out the Ideal Swim School

Web Exclusive - March 2016

Goldfish Swimming School has more than 30 indoor pool locations nationwide, with indoor air quality and comfort painstakingly built into each location.

Testing the Waters

Tips on Running a Safe & Cost-Effective Aquatic Facility

Supplement Feature - February 2016

With every line item in the budget under scrutiny, aquatic facility managers are looking for ways to reduce operating expenses, while still providing the cleanest, safest and most efficient swimming environment possible.

Take It Inside

Trends and Ideas for Natatorium Design

Supplement Feature - February 2016

There's more than one thing designers and architects can agree on when discussing natatoriums, but the bottom line on all their common ground is this: It's a building and environment unlike any other.

Thrills & Spills

Improving the Fun Factor in Aquatics

Supplement Feature - February 2016

From natural playgrounds to community gardens and expanding nature trails, getting back to nature is a powerful recreation trend leaving its mark on just about everything in the industry-including aquatic programming, attractions and facility design.


The Power of Water
Aquatic Programs for Diverse Communities & Profitable Swim Centers

Guest Column - February 2016

Programming your aquatic facility wisely can lead to a big boost in attendance—and revenue. Here are some clever ways to attract new users to your pool while keeping existing swimmers satisfied.

Understanding ORP, Sanitization & How Controllers Work

Web Exclusive - February 2016

Correct water balance in commercial pools and spas makes the difference between a safe, attractive pool and a disaster. Advances in automation, new methods of disinfection and better education have made aquatic facility managers' jobs easier.

Safe in the Water

Programs, Audits Are Key to Enhancing Aquatic Safety

Feature Article - January 2016

Keeping swimmers safe is the most crucial task for aquatic facility managers. Luckily, there are plenty of tools at your disposal, from water safety training for patrons to lifeguard certification and training for a variety of types of aquatic facilities and more.

Savings, Beauty & Improved Visibility in the Pool

Web Exclusive - January 2016

One of the fastest, easiest ways to reduce energy consumption and save money at your aquatic facility is to replace incandescent pool lighting with today's improved LED lighting.

Ever-Expanding Aquatics

Tips for Programming a Profitable Pool

Feature Article - November 2015

There are basic programs every pool should offer, but if you want to operate in the black, it's important to consider your options and know how to program a variety of opportunities effectively.