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Avoiding Dead Zones by Selecting the Right Pump

Guest Column - November 2015

For newer aquatic facilities with a range of splashy amenities and curvilinear spaces, selecting the right pump is crucial to ensure all of the pool's water is getting circulated and sanitized.

The Science Behind Pool Cleaning

Best Practices for Robotic Pool Cleaners in Commercial Pools

Web Exclusive - November 2015

Your swimming pool is in a constant state of change. Failure to properly clean the pool can lead to illness or worse. Here's how to know if you're doing it right.

Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Draining

Web Exclusive - October 2015

Before you drain a pool for the end of the season, cleaning or renovation, give some thought to the effect the water will have on the environment.

Putting Water-Borne Pathogens to Rest

Some Misconceptions and Facts

Guest Column - September 2015

Keeping swimmers safe from water-borne illness is one of the most important duties of keeping an aquatic facility operating smoothly. Here, our expert author examines some of the myths around managing your pool's water.

Performance Improvement

Save Energy Costs, Extend Motor Life With Variable Frequency Drives

Guest Column - September 2015

Variable frequency drives can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line for your aquatic facility. Learn more about making your pool more efficient.

A Pool Facelift

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia

Facility Profile - September 2015

When The Racquet Club of Philadelphia needed to improve its pool's look, it looked for a partner that could help determine the most effective way to repaint the pool's surface.

Ensure Long-Lasting Lane Lines

Problem Solver - August 2015

Hosting swimming competitions requires specific features for your swimming pool, such as swimming lane dividers and deck equipment. Choosing these items with care and giving close attention to maintenance will help ensure a long life for all the amenities of competition that you need for your pool.

Improve Your Pool's Lighting

Problem Solver - August 2015

LEDs are small semiconductor devices used to convert electrical energy directly into light. By combining these digital light sources with microprocessor intelligence, aquatic facility operators can control numerous aspects of illumination. The results are an amazing, crisp, bright yet dense saturation of light.

Attract Teens & Preteens to the Pool

Problem Solver - August 2015

Whether one-on-one or team play, basketball and volleyball are extra fun when you take them to the pool. You can find a wide range of commercial-grade pool games that are designed to stand up in tough pool environments. Durable and well-designed games like these can provide hours of active entertainment for your young patrons.

Boost Pool Revenues by Boosting Attendance

Problem Solver - August 2015

You can find safe, modular inflatables that are easy to set up and can make your pool more fun for swimmers. By adding different attractions at a low cost, you'll create new excitement and attract swimmers back to your facility.