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Pools & Aquatics

Cracking the Code to Safety
Prevent Pool Shutdowns and Keep Patrons Safe

Guest Column - October 2009

A recent survey of recreational water facility directors yielded plenty of advice to help them work more closely with inspectors and keep their facilities in top condition, water-quality-wise.

Water Works

Cornerstone Aquatics Center in West Hartford, Conn.

Facility Profile - October 2009

Looking for some smart ideas to program your pool? Check out the activities offered at this Connecticut facility, which range from simple lap swimming to exercise equipment under the water.

Water Hazard

Managing Aquatic Risk

Feature Article - July 2009

Aquatic facility managers have plenty of risk to contend with. Preventing drowning is a basic first, but there are also unseen threats such as recreational water illnesses. Making sure patrons are safe is an essential part of the job.