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Year-Round Aquatics

Web Exclusive - April 2019

Kirkland Lake in northeastern Ontario has transformed into a charming town with something to see and do for everyone. Recently, the town added multifunctional indoor pools and aquatic spaces.

UNC Greensboro Aquatics Go Green

Web Exclusive - April 2019

Thereís a growing trend among athletic aquatic facilities to install eco-friendly equipment. The University of North Carolina in Greensboro recently updated its aquatic facility with energy-efficient equipment.

Ensure Long Heater Life

Web Exclusive - March 2019

When it comes to pool heater failure, improper installation is a common culprit. If you want to be sure pool water stays warm, take time now to review your heater installation.

Aquatic Trends Report

Supplement Feature - February 2019

In our first summary report of Aquatic Trends, we surveyed nearly 1,000 aquatics professionals to find out more about the equipment and amenities found in their facilities, as well as programming, regulatory compliance, major challenges and issues, and much more.

General Trends
Systems & Resources
Outfitting the Aquatic Facility
Certification in Pool Operations
Water Safety & Drowning Prevention
ADA Awareness & Compliance
MAHC Awareness & Participation
Challenges & Issues

Swimming in Luxury

Web Exclusive - February 2019

Excitement has been building around 20,000 square feet of luxury swimming pools at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center—pools that will allow patrons to enjoy beautiful views and fresh air even when the peaks are covered with snow.

On the Front Lines, Making a Difference

Grassroots Efforts & Technology Aim to Prevent Drowning

Feature Article - January 2019

Drowning rates have been relatively flat for the past couple of decades, but grassroots organizations across the country, as well as innovative manufacturers, have been working toward solutions.

Ammonia and Nitrates in Swimming Pools

Web Exclusive - January 2019

Maintaining a pool properly means understanding all of the chemical reactions taking place and keeping things in balance. This article takes a close look at ammonia and nitrates, with helpful advice on maintaining safer water.

Swim Toward Success

Growing Innovative Aquatic Programs

Feature Article - November 2018

Learn-to-swim is the foundation of most aquatic facilities, but to ensure you are earning revenues to cover your operations, itís wise to expand your options.


Healthy Swimming Pools & the Importance of Chlorine

Guest Column - October 2018

Recreational water illnesses are a real threat to swimmers, and to the facilities that must combat them. Chlorine is your essential tool in keeping the nasties out of your pool.

What to Do After Wildfires

Web Exclusive - October 2018

Wildfires can have a devastating impact on an area. Hereís some advice for restoring and repairing swimming pools after a wildfire.