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Swimming Ahead

New Currents in Natatorium Design

Feature Article - May 2018

Waterpark-like amenities have taken over outdoor swimming pools, but indoor pools also are adapting with the needs of modern swimmers, incorporating more fun and fitness.


Evaluating Eye & Respiratory Symptoms at an Indoor Waterpark

Guest Column - May 2018

When an indoor waterpark saw trouble with eye and respiratory symptoms among staff and swimmers, this investigation uncovered the culprit and suggested solutions.

Expanding Pools of Knowledge

Control Maintenance Costs Without Sacrificing Safety

Feature Article - April 2018

Maintaining good water and air quality requires careful attention to all of your pool's systems and infrastructure. Following regular, recommended maintenance practices helps keep things in working order.


Gearing Up for the Swim Season

Guest Column - April 2018

The opening of the swim season is just around the corner. Is your facility ready?

Profitable Pools

Strategies for Designing Pools to Stay Out of the Red

Supplement Feature - February 2018

Planning for a new pool or renovation takes time and money. But one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that you don't lose money after it's built.

Healthy Air, Healthy Water

Best Practices to Keep Patrons & Staff Healthy

Supplement Feature - February 2018

There is no more critical issue to pool owners than the safety of swimmers and staff. Failure to maintain safe water and good air quality can lead to health issues, and problems for your aquatic facility.

Swimming Toward Wellness

Expand Aquatic Programming With a Focus on Fitness

Supplement Feature - February 2018

Plenty of research has shown that working out and relaxing in the water can provide a wellness boost. Here, we talked to experts about adding wellness programming at aquatic facilities, to the benefit of all.

In the Swim

Creativity & Variety Boost Aquatic Success

Feature Article - November 2017

If you want your aquatic facility to succeed, you need to create innovative programs that appeal to a range of swimmers and fitness-seekers. Here, we take a look at some of the latest ideas in aquatic programming.


Making a Splash
Tandy Family YMCA in Tulsa, Okla.

Facility Profile - November 2017

A renovation at the Tandy Family YMCA in Tulsa, Okla., brought a unique fountain to the entrance, providing a pathway from the surrounding area into the facility.

Goldfish Swim School Chooses Chlorine Generation

Web Exclusive - November 2017

One of the fastest-growing North American franchises recently chose to use on-site chlorine generation in its facilities in order to improve safety and cost-efficiency.