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Be Prepared

Planning for Inclement Weather Events

Feature Article - March 2020

In August 2019, six people were injured after a lightning strike during a PGA Tour Championship, emphasizing the importance of being well prepared for bad weather during sporting and other events. Here, we discuss how to ensure public safety by planning for bad weather, and what to do when it hits.

Tampa Bay Rays Improve Weather Safety

Web Exclusive - November 2019

In September 2018, the Tampa Bay Rays saw an impressive crowd showing up for a game with the New York Yankees, when a lightning strike led to a momentary loss of power. Now, real-time weather threats allow the stadium to better plan.

Serve & Protect

Crowd Control & Security Strategies

Feature Article - August 2019

When you have a crowd, you want to make sure everyone is safe as can be. Here, we take a look at modern strategies for managing crowds and maintaining security.

Make Better Weather Decisions

Web Exclusive - July 2019

Doppler radar is an important tool in evaluating weather conditions, but itís important to understand it well before making weather-related decisions.

Sports Safety

Weather Warnings
Lightning Alerts for Sports Safety

Guest Column - April 2019

Outdoor sporting events are fun for everyone, until the weather turns. Itís crucial when planning events of all kinds to be aware of the potential for lightning.

Play It Safe

Audits & Training Are Key to Waterpark Safety

Supplement Feature - October 2018

Here, industry experts share their thoughts on the best practices in waterpark safety and resource management, as well as lifeguarding trends.

Thrills & Spills

Risk Management for Waterparks & Splash Parks

Supplement Feature - October 2017

Millions of people visit waterparks every year, relishing the excitement of waterslides, wave surfing machines, and much more. Keeping these guests safe is a crucial element of waterpark management.

Safety vs. Risk on the Playground

Web Exclusive - April 2016

Playground safety has come a long way over the years. But has it come too far? The best playgrounds still encourage children to take risks in order to learn and grow.

Balancing Act

Safety & Risk on the Playground

Feature Article - January 2016

Play equipment is meticulously designed to protect children from catastrophic injury, but it shouldn't eliminate risk entirely. Finding the right balance is important to encouraging children's growth without risking their health.

Safe & Secure

New Trends in Sports Facility Security & Safety

Feature Article - January 2016

At the college and professional levels, sports facility security is often a full-time job. But high schools, park districts and other providers of sports tournaments and programs can learn from the pros to improve safety at their own facilities.