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Tarping: How to Keep Your Sports Turf Crew Safe

Web Exclusive - January 2016

Tarps are an important tool to protect sports fields from weather damage. But it's equally important to protect your crew.

Play It Safe

Regular Maintenance, Testing Vital to Improving Safety

Supplement Feature - October 2015

Playground safety surfaces are available to meet a plethora of needs and budgets. Understanding how to evaluate these surfaces and maintain them to ensure they are in good condition is key to a consistently safe play environment.

before you go…

Injury Awareness
Effects of Concussions Warrant Constant Attention

Before You Go - May 2015

"At the minimum, all of these groups should know what a concussion is, in general terms, and what causes it, including that a forceful jarring of the body can cause a concussion—not just a blow to the head. All should appreciate that a concussion is an indication of an injury to the brain," said Michael F. Bergeron, Ph.D., FACSM, executive director, Sanford Sports Science Institute and National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute.

Big Thrills, No Spills

Safety First for Climbing Facilities

Feature Article - April 2015

Climbing wall facilities feature inherent risks, but there are measures you can take to dramatically reduce the risk of injury for climbers. Proper training and the right equipment can have a big impact.

Sports to the Max

Make the Most of Your Sports Fields

Feature Article - February 2015

For fields designed to handle specific sports like soccer, baseball and lacrosse, as well as multi-use fields, finding the ideal turf solution requires special consideration.

Safer Waters for All

MAHC Created to Improve Pool Safety

Feature Article - January 2015

The Model Aquatic Health Code was developed with input from industry experts to provide a guideline for entities managing aquatic facility health and safety issues across the country. Learn more about the code and how it affects your facility, as well as new trends in lifeguarding and more.

Safety for the Duration

Keeping Playground Equipment & Surfaces Safe Now & in the Future

Feature Article - January 2015

Playground equipment and surfaces from well-known and respected manufacturers is designed with children's safety in mind, but the context of your site and the way products are installed can also have an impact, both now and over the life cycle of your equipment.

Ready for Anything

Improving Sports Facility Safety & Security

Feature Article - January 2015

After 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, many high-profile sports facilities and events have stepped up their security, Here, we examine how some of those practices have trickled down to the school district and park district level to provide ideas on how to keep your players and spectators safe.

Certifiably Safer

Why & How Certification Improves Safety

Feature Article - January 2015

Whether it's for a playground inspector, an aquatic facility manager, a fitness instructor or a climbing instructor, certification can make an impact on safety in your facility.

Design Corner

Adventurous Play
Pushing the Edge Without Falling Off

Guest Column - October 2014

You might have a brilliant idea for a custom play space, with support and funding from a community that can't wait to try it out. But how do you ensure your conceived play area will be as safe as can be?