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Be Safe: Risk Management in Recreation

Feature Article - August 2012

It's important to protect your patrons by ensuring the safest possible environment for their recreational, sports and fitness activities. But you also have to protect your facility from potential legal problems.

Preventing Injuries on the Ballfield

Problem Solver - August 2012

Traditional stationary bases include two parts: a metal post sunk into the ground and fixed in concrete and a pillow base bolted to a metal pole that fits into this base. This results in rigid, unmoving bases—it takes 3,500 pounds of force to dislodge one of these bases.

Youth Sports

Play Smart, Play Safe
Treating & Preventing Concussions in Youth Athletes

Guest Column - April 2012

Concussions have been on the receiving end of greater awareness over the past several years, particularly at the professional levels of sports. Understanding and preventing concussions among younger players is just as crucial.

Safe and Secure

Balancing Safety and Fun on the Playground

Feature Article - March 2012

No matter how carefully a playground is designed, children will still fall and can potentially get hurt. Close attention to safety standards, especially the surface beneath the equipment, will help keep kids safer.


A Seasoned Approach to Playground Safety
Keeping Kids Safe in Every Season

Guest Column - February 2012

Loose-fill surfacing, especially wood mulch, is very popular, largely due to its lower initial cost. But if you're employing such a solution at your playground, you need to be aware of the impact winter's deep freeze can have on safety.

Memories & Dreams

A Playground Comes to Tucson

Web Exclusive - February 2012

A little more than a year has passed since Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was critically injured by a gunshot wound to the head. Also in attendance at the meeting with constituents was 9-year-old Christina Taylor-Green, who was shot and killed as she stood in line to meet Giffords. Now, Tucson children have a new place to play, and to honor Christina.

Maintenance: Grounds

Playgrounds: Safety & Maintenance Go Hand-in-Hand

Feature Article - September 2011

Proper maintenance is an essential element of playground safety. This feature will examine the to-dos to ensure playgrounds are well-maintained.

Dealing With Disaster

Disaster Plans Are Vital for Recreation, Sports & Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - August 2011

The news of the past couple of years has been filled with tragic disasters, from tornadoes to tsunamis, oil spills to wildfires. Proactive planning for a disaster that may never come is a necessity, just in case, and makes recovering what was lost simpler.

Play It Safe

Improving Safety for Your Play Spaces

Feature Article - March 2011

On the playground, it's all about fun and games for the kids, but beneath and surface and behind the equipment, there's a whole world of careful design and research to help improve safety.

Risk Management

Preventing Injuries or Preventing Lawsuits?

Guest Column - February 2010

This month, an expert in sport and recreation law asks an important question: What is the point of risk management, anyway?