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Art in the Park

Innovative Designs Add Aesthetic Interest to Your Green Space

Feature Article - October 2013

Adding art to your site can provide a unique and engaging experience for visitors. And it's not as difficult as you might think. Read on to learn how to incorporate artistic elements into your existing or planned green spaces.

Programming: Trails

Path to Nature
Programming Trends in Environmental Education

Feature Article - October 2013

Whether it's on the trail or in the nature center, programming designed to enhance people's understanding of nature is still popular. Learn from some successful programs, then get your own nature programs started.

Give It a Rest

The Right Restroom Design for Your Recreational Needs

Feature Article - September 2013

Finding the right restroom structure to suit your park's needs shouldn't be the last item on your checklist. Given proper attention up front, restrooms can make a big difference for park patrons.

Disaster Recovery

Playgrounds & Parks Rebuild Following Wrath of Storms

Feature Article - August 2013

Tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires—disasters can do a lot of damage to parks and playgrounds. Learn how to be prepared before disaster occurs, and how places like Joplin, Mo., New Orleans and New Jersey are recovering in the wake of a variety of disasters.

Ensure Comfort at Your Sites

Problem Solver - August 2013

Seating can be located in a variety of places-near the parking area or entrance, along trails and sidewalks where people might sit to catch the view, and near areas like playgrounds, sports fields and skateparks, where patrons will want to watch the action. Be sure to place benches so they are easily accessible to people of all abilities.

Find Park Buildings That Comply With Codes & Reduce Maintenance

Problem Solver - August 2013

Look for low-volume water and waste systems. Campground restrooms are sometimes remote, making sewer connections impossible, and many are unable to use septic fields to dispose of waste. But you can find a unique water-borne toilet system that can reduce sewage to 33 percent of the volume for water closets, and utilize waterless urinals for even greater savings.

Find an Accessible Grill

Problem Solver - August 2013

You can also find wheelchair-accessible campfire rings using the same ADA compliant swivel grate, built higher to raise the fire and cooking grate to required heights.

Find Cost-Effective Restroom Structures

Problem Solver - August 2013

These systems require no running water and reduce vault waste naturally. They require no electrical hookup, as they use solar power to run lights, as well as the ventilator that keeps the whole structure smelling fresh and clean. They also will save you on maintenance and labor costs, as the vault evaporator technology will reduce the number of pump-outs your facility requires.

Give Your Park a Beautiful, Unified Look

Problem Solver - August 2013

You can start by looking through the many existing offerings manufacturers provide in their catalogs, but you don't need to stop there. Many manufacturers will let you take those existing designs and enhance them by changing the color and shape, from the simplest of rectangles to more ornate hexagons and octagons.

Find the Right Furnishings to Suit Your Site

Problem Solver - August 2013

When selecting furnishings, first think about your site and its uses. A formal park downtown will look better with classic lines and more elegant designs. A park site with an abundance of trees will look great with wood or recycled plastic furnishings. Play areas are dynamic spaces, and you can provide energy and an extra pop of color with furnishings coordinated to match.