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Park Design & Planning

Celebrating History
Clear Creek Valley Park in Arvada, Colo.

Facility Profile - July 2017

Many years of planning were necessary before this new park saw its grand opening. Incorporating a bit of local history, Clear Creek Valley Park offers a wide array of amenities.

State of the INDUSTRY

A Look at What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2017

More than 1,700 professionals responded to our call for information about their facilities, budgets, construction plans, operations, programming, staffing and more. Here, we summarize their responses.

Parks & Recreation

A Look at Trends in Parks & Recreation

Feature Article - June 2017

Parks and recreation respondents make up the largest portion of the survey audience. Here, we examine some of the trends in these facilities.

From Land to Landscape

Effective Approaches to Park Design

Feature Article - May 2017

From engaging your community to getting the right team together, turning your land into a landscape that will draw visitors is a big task.

Fun for All

The Latest in Park Planning and Design

Supplement Feature - April 2017

Parks are an essential part of a well-planned neighborhood, and as such, they require careful attention to planning and design. Collaborating with residents and other stakeholders and accommodating the interests of multiple generations are two keys to success.

A Place for Everything, Everything in Its Place

Furnishing Your Site Effectively

Supplement Feature - April 2017

If you find yourself sitting serenely on a park bench, taking in the surroundings, the last thing on your mind is probably the park bench. But there are people who have given a lot of thought to that bench, along with all the other furnishings that make a park a pleasant place to be.

Go! Tech-Enabled Parks

From Pokemon GO to Geocaching and Beyond

Feature Article - January 2017

There's always talk about how to get people to turn off the technology and head outside. But if you can't beat the screen, there are ways you can incorporate it into your parks and facilities with tech-enabled fun.

Building Healthier Communities

The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Fitness Areas

Feature Article - September 2016

Outdoor fitness provides a way for everyone to get active without having to pony up for a gym membership, and communities are increasingly using them to boost their health.

Build A Park That Engages Your Community

Problem Solver - August 2016

In addition to active areas, you'll want to include things like picnic areas and seating for individuals and families, along with fountains and aquatic elements for people to enjoy. You want to create an oasis—a haven for the community to gather, be active and enjoy beauty.

'Artie' The River Road Park Imagination Bus

Guest Column - August 2016

As schools continue to eliminate art, music and other creative learning, one park district is stepping up to the plate to fill in the gap.