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Create a Unique Park

Problem Solver - August 2017

To simplify installation, look for premanufactured shelters. You'll be surprised by how many options are available straight from a manufacturer's catalog that will meet your needs. What's more, for many of these choices, customization is simple, with the ability to choose colors, shapes, materials and more.

Find Site-Specific Shelter Solutions

Problem Solver - August 2017

The good news is that, no matter what the features of your site are, you likely can find premanufactured shelters, gazebos, pavilions, kiosks, message centers, shade structures, arbors and more that will fit in perfectly. Talk to your manufacturer about what you're looking for. Be sure to discuss the ways the climate of your area, such as heavy snow loads in the mountains or salt air near the ocean, will affect the amenities you choose.

Seeking Shelter

Innovations in Shade & Shelter Solutions

Feature Article - September 2016

What can shade do for you? Boost revenue? Check. Create a gathering place? Check. Turn your park into a destination? Check. Increase attendance and patron comfort? Check.

Coordinate Your Park's Look

Problem Solver - August 2016

You can find an impressive variety of premanufactured shelters, gazebos, pavilions, kiosks, message centers, arbors and much more that will fit beautifully into your site, whether it's located in a mountainous desert area, a beachfront or a downtown district.

Make Your Park Unique

Problem Solver - August 2016

There is a wide variety of premanufactured shelters available that can easily fit your site. You can select items straight from a manufacturer's catalog, and then customize with various options, from colors, shapes and styles to cupolas, weather vanes—even solar lighting.

Make A Statement!

Shelters, Shade Structures Go Above and Beyond

Feature Article - September 2015

You can make your park or site stand out when you choose shelters and shade structures that create a sense of place and provide a unique aesthetic.

Create a Park Centerpiece

Problem Solver - August 2015

In addition, be sure the shade canopy can be easily removed and reattached, just in case inclement weather threatens. This will make it easier to remove the shade canopy quickly, as well as ease maintenance when it's time to clean your shade covers.

Find Shade to Suit Your Site

Problem Solver - August 2015

There is a wide variety of premanufactured shelters that can easily fit into your context, whether it's the high desert or a beautiful beachfront. Look for colors and features that fit in well with the surrounding area.

Create a Destination in Your Park

Problem Solver - August 2015

You can choose a structure inspired by designs in a catalog, modify a current design with different columns, colors, roof types and laser-cut ornamentation, or create a truly unique structure that starts from your own ideas or sketch.


Raise the Roof!
Theater on the Green in Prescott Valley, Ariz.

Facility Profile - July 2015

When this town wanted to provide a covered venue for performances and other events, they turned to a nearby manufacturer of shades and shelters for the perfect solution.