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Make Your Shelters Work for You

Problem Solver - August 2012

And once installed, your shelters will pay for themselves. Patrons who want to host large gatherings, such as family reunions, can be asked to pay a rental fee for the shelter. You also can host weddings and concerts in larger shelters and gazebos.

Define Your Site With Shelters

Problem Solver - August 2012

If you want to create a unique site for celebrations, why not consider adding an amphitheater? These unique shelters can provide a fun informal gathering spot, but also provide an aesthetically pleasing venue for performances and events. You can host anything from a concert in the park or battle of the bands to a production by your local community theater. Acoustics are important in these types of structures. Look for one that uses structural insulated panels, vs. an all-metal roof.

Safe Haven

Protect Patrons & Beautify Sites With Shade & Shelters

Feature Article - October 2011

From sun protection to aesthetic element, from a home base for visiting families to a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony, shelters and shade structures can serve myriad functions on your site.

Find the Right Shelter

Problem Solver - August 2011

Next, you need to talk to the manufacturer about installation requirements. Also ask for references and be sure to follow up and get details on how simple the shelters were to install, as well as how they're holding up over time.

Customize Your Site With Shelters

Problem Solver - August 2011

What's more, you can add options on top of the basic structure, from ornamentation like cupolas and decorative railings to different roof types.

Cover Ups

Selecting the Right Shade Structure for Your Needs

Feature Article - October 2010

Beyond providing just the necessary UV protection, shade structures can provide so much more. When well planned, selected and installed, they can attract more people to our venues, extend the recreational hours of the day and night, add revenue and even put a little romance in our lives.

Under Cover

Shelters & Shade Structures

Feature Article - October 2009

From picnic shelters to gazebos, pergolas, shade structures and more, there are plenty of ways to help your patrons get a little protection from the elements. This month, we look at the latest trends and what you should consider for your site.