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Get In on the Action

Programming Skateparks & Bike Parks for Safety & Success

Feature Article - April 2016

From initial design through operation, skateparks and bike parks are a crucial amenity to the communities they serve, providing an outlet for kids and helping them meet and overcome common challenges.

Attracting Teens, Reducing Trouble

Skateparks & Bike Parks Engage Hard-to-Reach Demographics & Improve Communities

Feature Article - October 2015

When it comes to action, communities are getting in on it. How? By providing outlets for action sports, from skateparks to bike parks and more.

Managing Risk

Protect Your Patrons, Protect Your Facility

Feature Article - January 2014

How can you reduce injuries and manage risk at your facility? We talked to experts working at some of the riskiest facilities out there to get their take on best practices.


Something Different
Paine's Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Facility Profile - September 2013

It's been a long time coming, but Philadelphia now has a skatepark like no other.


Skateboarding Gets Artsy
Melrose Skate Park in Hyattsville, Maryland

Facility Profile - February 2013

An artistic elements sets this new skatepark apart from the pack.

Bring On the Action!

Easy Steps to Introduce Action Sports to Your Community

Feature Article - February 2012

Action sports—from skateboarding to BMX-biking and more—have been increasingly adopted across the country. Building a park to accommodate action sports athletes is a smart move.


The Evolution of Public Skateparks

Guest Column - January 2012

Budgets and other issues can make it more challenging to create positive public outlets for skateboarding, but communities still recognize that skateparks are an important offering. Learn about how skateparks are evolving.

Get In On the Action

Action Sports Parks Bigger, Better, More Balanced Than Ever

Feature Article - February 2011

When you don't offer skaters and BMX bikers a place to show off their skills, you invite them to use your parking lots, streets, parks and other locations. Learn how communities across the country are doing it right.


Skatepark Smarts
Using Programming to Promote a Positive Park

Guest Column - January 2011

Many communities take a build-it-and-they-will-come approach to skateparks. But when you also offer programming to introduce new skaters to the sport, you'll get the most out of your facility.

Riding High

Getting Skateparks Done Right

Feature Article - February 2010

Skateboarding is as popular as ever, but skateparks are an evolving breed of recreation and sports facility. This month we look at current trend, including the greening up of skateparks and the importance of programming.