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A Splashing Good Time

Web Exclusive - January 2019

In late September 2018, an amazing new splash park was completed in the river valley of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, featuring visual appeal, inclusivity and eco-friendly recirculation.

Spray & Play

Splash Play Areas & Water Playgrounds Continue to Evolve

Supplement Feature - October 2018

Splash play areas continue to be a hot item among parks and other providers of recreation. As these amenities grow in use, manufacturers have done their research to better understand what makes them more successful.

Create an Inclusive Aquatic Playground

Problem Solver - August 2018

Design your splash pad with age-appropriate zones to ensure guests of all ages and abilities are comfortable having fun. Designers recommend creating three zones. The first should feature gentle activity for ages 2 to 4, featuring lower, more delicate ground sprays like bubblers to provide a fun experience of texture and water. Placing this zone near the perimeter allows for easy adult supervision. This zone also might be most comfortable for kids with disabilities. A universal zone will provide activities for all ages, combining misting, dumping, spraying and multi-user activities in a central area, allowing kids to transition from more gentle to more dynamic activities. The dynamic zone can feature larger, interactive spray features and water effects.

Promote Interactivity on the Sprayground

Problem Solver - August 2018

To appeal to an older age group, look for spray elements that are designed with a more architectural aesthetic in mind. Combining water and light is another way to increase your appeal.

Splash On!

The Ongoing Evolution of Splash Play

Supplement Feature - October 2017

Parks and recreation facilities across the country continue to add to the number of splash play areas, with new water fun continuing to grow. Manufacturers have adapted to the demand, while offering new and exciting ideas to expand your options when adding splash parks.

Thrills & Spills

Risk Management for Waterparks & Splash Parks

Supplement Feature - October 2017

Millions of people visit waterparks every year, relishing the excitement of waterslides, wave surfing machines, and much more. Keeping these guests safe is a crucial element of waterpark management.

Extend Sprayground Fun

Problem Solver - August 2017

One option is to combine water and light. Some spray features include low-voltage lighting to provide a cost-effective way to illuminate your sprayground at night. The dazzling water effects and colors provide an exciting experience that extends the hours of play. The spray features can include a variety of effects, are energy-efficient, ADA-compliant and can even feature color-changing LED lights for more excitement.

Reduce Water Usage on the Sprayground

Problem Solver - August 2017

While domestic systems are ideal when water usage is not a concern, there are ways to design these systems to help reduce water usage.

Splash Play

Keeping It Safe
Designing a Safe Spray Park

Guest Column - July 2017

When people come to the park, they expect the amenities they enjoy to be safe for their use. Here, an expert in splash play takes a closer look at how to design spraygrounds safely.

Splash Play

Aquatic Elevation
Del Mar Family Aquatic Center in Aurora, Colo.

Facility Profile - November 2016

At this family aquatic center, slides and splash play round out the new offerings provided by a savvy renovation.