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Scratching the Surface

Uncovering the Right Sports Flooring Solution

Supplement Feature - September 2010

With today's sports flooring companies offering more choices than ever in materials, function and colors (especially everyone's environmental favorite, green), it can be challenging to make the best choice for your indoor sports and recreation facility.

Try That on for Size

Small Communities Take On Big Recreation Amenities

Feature Article - July 2010

At the other end of the spectrum, sports facilities in local communities are finding new ways to offer more for their patrons.

Audio & Illumination

Space-Specific, Sport-Specific

Feature Article - November 2009

To ensure your players and the viewing public are getting the most out of their experience, you'll need to pay close attention to your sound and lighting. In this case, one size does not fit all.

At the Forefront of Fun

Up-and-Coming Sports to Expand Your Offerings

Feature Article - October 2009

More and more people—kids and adults—are taking to the field or court to play a sport. You can keep up by offering newfangled and fun activities that are seeing growing participation.

Smart Start

What You Need to Know About Indoor Sports Design

Supplement Feature - July 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough get going—especially when your name is George Derderian. Derderian, the general contractor and owner of North America's largest indoor soccer arena, was determined to keep his promise to open his 267,000-square-foot steel-framed facility on time despite setbacks that interfered with his construction schedule.