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Indoor Sports Flooring

Be More Versatile
The Benefits of Modular Sports Flooring

Guest Column - November 2018

When you have a sports facility that needs to serve multiple purposes, modular sports flooring can provide the flexibility you need without sacrificing player safety and aesthetics.

Women Gain Ground in Sports Information Careers

Web Exclusive - November 2018

Title IX brought about a sense of inclusion for women in sport, and more women have taken on careers in the sports industry, gaining ground in marketing, events, communications and more. But in some areas, women are still laying the groundwork.

Pump It Up

Scoreboards, Sports Lighting & Sound Make the Game

Feature Article - October 2018

Sports facilities are all about providing a great experience for both team players and spectators, and one of the essential elements is the way the game is viewed and communicated. Advances in scoreboards, lighting and sound make more possible.

Sports Flooring

What's Under Foot?
Blue Springs Fieldhouse in Blue Springs, Mo.

Facility Profile - October 2018

After the city of Blue Springs, Mo., purchased a building in late 2014 to renovate and transform into a state-of-the-art recreational fieldhouse, one of the top goals was to install new flooring.

Sports Equipment

The Importance of Athletic Equipment Inspections

Guest Column - July 2018

If you operate a sports facility, it's important to keep an eye on equipment and ensure it's functioning safely and properly. Learn more about the importance of regular equipment checkups.

Everyone's Welcome

The Latest Trends in Sports Facility Design

Feature Article - May 2018

At colleges and universities, and even some high schools, design for sports facilities caters to the needs of athletes. But lately, these designs are aiming to take everyone into account.

Indoor Multi-Sport Complex Comes to Detroit

Web Exclusive - April 2018

A new indoor multi-sport complex in Detroit features an indoor cycling velodrome and much more.

Gym Flooring

Bringing Wellness to Those Who Help Others: Alongside in Richland, Mich.

Facility Profile - March 2018

At this retreat, a new gym floor is providing an outlet for adults and kids who just need to take a little time out.

Sports & Entertainment Abound

Place Bell in Laval, Quebec

Web Exclusive - January 2018

In Montreal, Laval's Place Bell, with its 10,000-seat arena, promises to become one of the most in-demand sports and entertainment destinations in Quebec.

Sports Facility Safety

Safety First for Indoor Tennis Facilities

Guest Column - November 2017

Safety should always be top of mind for recreation, sports and fitness facility managers. Here's a closer look at improving safety for your indoor tennis facility.