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Turf: Answered Prayers

Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo.

Facility Profile - April 2011

When this high schools synthetic turf field was due for replacement, a unique solution allowed them to reduce costs, while recycling much of the old field. The results were delivered in record time, to much applause.

From Blueprint to Ballgame

The Ins and Outs of Sports Field Design

Feature Article - February 2011

Before you can get your team onto the field, you have to take care to ensure your fields are properly designed. Close attention to the soil and other factors is essential.

Sports Turf 101

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Synthetic & Natural Turf

Supplement Feature - September 2010

Natural or synthetic turf? It remains one of the hottest conversations in recreation and athletic circles today.

Try That on for Size

Small Communities Take On Big Recreation Amenities

Feature Article - July 2010

At the other end of the spectrum, sports facilities in local communities are finding new ways to offer more for their patrons.

Design for the Big Time

Latest Stadiums Mix History, Technology and Intimate Fan Experience

Feature Article - July 2010

Big stadiums for professional and college teams are adding new features that look back and forward. Many designers access the history of a place, and then mix in technology and other amenities to update the experience for game-goers.

Before You Go…

Let Them Play Ball
Batters Up USA Brings Diamond Sports to Kids

Before You Go - March 2010

With baseball season around the corner, your mind might be on getting more kids onto the field in your own community. Batters Up USA offers a way to get more kids involved in baseball and softball.

Breaking Ground

Making the Most of Your Sports Fields

Feature Article - February 2010

No matter what type of turf you deploy, your sports fields need careful consideration to ensure they remain in playing shape. We offer advice from those in the know to help you stay on top of your game.

Audio & Illumination

Space-Specific, Sport-Specific

Feature Article - November 2009

To ensure your players and the viewing public are getting the most out of their experience, you'll need to pay close attention to your sound and lighting. In this case, one size does not fit all.

At the Forefront of Fun

Up-and-Coming Sports to Expand Your Offerings

Feature Article - October 2009

More and more people—kids and adults—are taking to the field or court to play a sport. You can keep up by offering newfangled and fun activities that are seeing growing participation.

Stadium Solutions

An Inside Look at Outdoor Sports

Supplement Feature - July 2009

When it comes to outdoor sports stadiums, hardly a day goes by without news of a team moving into a new stadium while another team is working on designs and financing to get a new stadium. For some fans, such as those of the New York Yankees, a new stadium can be a bittersweet experience as they say goodbye to a place that holds unforgettable memories for a newer home. For other fans, leaving an old stadium and moving into new digs to watch their team can be summarized in two words: good riddance.