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King of Laundry

Cabrillo College Boosts Laundry Productivity

Web Exclusive - November 2013

Athletic and fitness facility laundry can be a gigantic chore. Having the right tools in place can make a difference, as one college found.

Sports for Everyone

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Adaptive Sports

Feature Article - October 2013

Adaptive sports programs are becoming more common, but the demand for them is rising at a much faster rate. Learn about the challenges around these offerings, and what resources exist to help you implement them.


Tiptop Turf
Keeping Your Synthetic Turf in Shape

Guest Column - October 2013

Keeping your synthetic turf in top shape requires careful adherence to maintenance practices. This month, the experts give you a quick rundown.

Boosting Sports in a War Zone

Web Exclusive - October 2013

Sports are a universal language, and children around the world love to come together for competition and fun. Engaging children in community and sport is one goal of a recent project that brought dozens of sports courts to communities in Afghanistan.

Grounds for Innovation

Turf Trends for Today & Tomorrow

Supplement Feature - September 2013

One way facilities are accommodating their increased use is through synthetic turf. "We are certainly seeing more and more synthetic systems going in throughout the Mid-Atlantic," said Mike Goatley Jr., professor and extension turfgrass specialist at Virginia Tech and president of the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA). "They're popping up like dandelions."

Programming: Recreational Sports

Never Stop Playing
Trends in Adult Recreational Sports

Feature Article - September 2013

Whether they're highly competitive players or just out for a little socializing and fun, grownups can reap all the benefits of recreational sports just as much as kids can.

Get Seating Where & When You Need It

Problem Solver - August 2013

What's more, even if you already have a grandstand in place, it might not provide enough seating if the crowds attending your event grow over time. You can use portable bleachers alongside existing seating to create additional places for fans and spectators to sit. This saves any costs associated with rebuilding and replacing your grandstand, and at the same time, you get the extra benefit of having seating that can easily be transported to any event and location.

Improve Safety on the Ballfield

Problem Solver - August 2013

Newer releasable bases are made up of three major parts. As with a traditional base, a metal pole is sunk into the ground and fixed in concrete. Then a rubber mat is bolted to a pole that's inserted into the ground. A separate pillow then fits onto the rubber mat. If a player steps on the base, it stays put. However, runners who slide hard into the base will cause the pillow to release from the mat.

Improve Your Equipment Storage

Problem Solver - August 2013

What's more, carts are available in many colors, which means you can color-code your equipment storage. This makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Time for a basketball game? Tell your staff to go into storage and look for the yellow cart. Time for soccer? Look for the red cart.

Sports for Everyone

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Adaptive Sports

Web Exclusive - July 2013

Learn more about how adaptive sports programs are ensuring everyone gets to play.