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Promoting Public Use
Schwiebert Riverfront Park in Rock Island, Ill.

Facility Profile - September 2013

Here's how one community researched and found the right playground surface to meet their patrons' needs.

Ensure Your Playground Surface Performance

Problem Solver - August 2013

Talk with your manufacturer about making post-installation field testing a part of your contract for your new surface. Such testing will demonstrate how well the surface is performing for your specific site.

Beyond the Surface

Installing New Synthetic Grass Fields

Guest Column - April 2013

You've made the decisions to go with synthetic turf for your new sports fields, but do you know what you should look for in a synthetic turf partner?

Sports Fields in Context

Making the Right Choices in Synthetic & Natural Turf

Feature Article - February 2013

For many facilities, synthetic and natural turf fields are not an either-or conundrum, but a both-and solution. Each type of field serves its purpose. Learn more about how to manage your multiple-choice fields.


Trail Blazers
Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, Maryland

Facility Profile - January 2013

Catoctin Mountain Park has always tried to go above and beyond to ensure accessibility to its beautiful views and campsites. A new trail at the park features an accessible surface that gets patrons with disabilities off the asphalt.

Work Your Turf

Aeration, Overseeding Can Help Turfgrass After Drought

Web Exclusive - November 2012

The drought of 2012 was brutal in many locations, and your turf might be feeling the effects. Learn what you need to do now to help rejuvenate your turf.

Maintenance & Operations: Synthetic Turf

Beyond the Basics
Synthetic Turf Fields Have Come a Long Way

Feature Article - October 2012

Synthetic turf fields are a great solution for reducing maintenance requirements, while extending the hours of play available for sports fields of all kinds, from the usual football and soccer to baseball and more.

A Court for Every Need

Improve Playability, Longevity Maintenance & More

Supplement Feature - September 2012

When you're looking for the right surface for your indoor sports courts, there are a lot of factors to consider, from playability and longevity to maintenance requirements and beyond. You also must take into account the unique situation of your facility and its users. Here, we've collected some examples of how other facilities made their surface decisions.

Protect & Serve

Playground Safety Starts With the Surface

Supplement Feature - September 2012

Playgrounds should be fun, carefree places that inspire physical activity and young imaginations. And, fortunately, they can offer children both those things as long as recreation managers uphold their obligations to build and maintain safe sites. Such work starts with the selection of the correct protective surface, the foundation of any safe and inviting playground design. The options are endless, and the necessity is indisputable.

Top Shape

Keep Turf in Peak Playing Condition

Supplement Feature - September 2012

Since Xavier College Preparatory opened its doors in 1943, student athletes at the girls' Roman Catholic high school in Phoenix have lacked a home field. A neighboring boys' school allowed Xavier's softball, soccer and lacrosse players to use its field for practice, and when a conflict arose, the girls commuted to other schools.