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From Blueprint to Ballgame

The Ins and Outs of Sports Field Design

Feature Article - February 2011

Before you can get your team onto the field, you have to take care to ensure your fields are properly designed. Close attention to the soil and other factors is essential.

Maintenance Series: Sports Turf

Toughen Up Your Turf

Feature Article - January 2011

In this first installment in our series on maintenance issues, we take a look at the basic requirements for maintaining sports fields. Whether your fields are synthetic or natural turf, there are steps you can take to maximize their playability.

Playground Safety

Watch Out Mulch!
Portsmouth Public Schools in Portsmouth, Va

Facility Profile - October 2010

When they wanted to protect kids on the playground, leaders at Portsmouth Public Schools turned to an innovative safety surface solution.

Sports Turf 101

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Synthetic & Natural Turf

Supplement Feature - September 2010

Natural or synthetic turf? It remains one of the hottest conversations in recreation and athletic circles today.

Scratching the Surface

Uncovering the Right Sports Flooring Solution

Supplement Feature - September 2010

With today's sports flooring companies offering more choices than ever in materials, function and colors (especially everyone's environmental favorite, green), it can be challenging to make the best choice for your indoor sports and recreation facility.

Creative Cushioning

Adding More Safety to Play

Supplement Feature - September 2010

You've seen them in action. Turn those little bodies loose in a play space and they head mostly one direction: up. This explains why research compiled by the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) implicates falls to the surface in nearly 70 percent of reported playground injuries and why the majority of injuries (53 percent) on public playgrounds are related to climbing equipment. Since what climbs up inevitably—and sometimes accidentally—comes down, it makes sense to cushion the fall and keep the playground a happy place.

Sports and Playground Surfaces

No Risk From Tire Crumb

Guest Column - July 2010

While there has been much unscientific discussion over the safety of tire crumb, the EPA's final word is that it poses no risk. And, the benefits abound.

Healthy Growth

Dedham Health and Athletic Complex in Dedham, Mass.

Facility Profile - July 2010

Since the 1970s, the owners of the Dedham Health & Athletic Complex have been growing and innovating. Learn more about how they've stayed on top of their game.

Breaking Ground

Making the Most of Your Sports Fields

Feature Article - February 2010

No matter what type of turf you deploy, your sports fields need careful consideration to ensure they remain in playing shape. We offer advice from those in the know to help you stay on top of your game.

Solid Footing

The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City

Facility Profile - November 2009

At this state-of-the-art facility, safety by the pool and in the locker rooms was a primary concern. An aesthetically pleasing solution provides a no-slip grip for patrons' feet in these wet areas.